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Nov 14

Turkish government monitors ‘candid camera’ type shows and arrests citizens who express anti-government views

Censorship of anti-government sentiments is growing worldwide. For years, Americans have been accustomed to “man on the street” or “candid camera”-type interviews where a humorist asks random citizens about their opinions. In Turkey, such shows are secretly monitored by government police. Citizens who express negative opinions about government are arrested afterward. One Turk expressed the …

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Oct 21

“I can’t think properly,” mumbles Julian Assange as he fights extradition to U.S.

The great Julian Assange, who has struggled for years to bring government crimes to light through his Wikileaks website, is currently held in England’s Belmarsh prison awaiting extradition to the U.S. to face “conspiracy” to disclose classified information charges. (His alleged “coconspirator,” Chelsea Manning, is also being held–without sentence or charge–in U.S. jails for “contempt …

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May 12

Government workers are now America’s richest class

Government employees are now America’s richest class. On average, they make more money than self-employed business owners or private-sector workers. New data shows what everyone has long suspected: Government “workers” have the highest median ‘earnings’ among all full-time, year-round American workers.” “According to the Census Bureau’s Personal Income Table 07 (PINC-07), the competition isn’t close. …

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May 01

Faith in Democracy and Government Crumbles Worldwide

Recent global events have shaken faith in governments–and political engagement itself. More than two years after the people of Britain bravely voted to leave the European Union–against the wishes of the entire world political class–British elites continue to stall the move toward Brexit. The Brexit vote was the biggest vote in British history, with thousands …

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Dec 12

New Climate Bet: Roots bets Kocienzski III that U.S. crop yields will continue in the next decade

Just weeks ago the U.S. government released its 1,700-page 2018 US National Climate Assessment, which claimed that failure to eliminate fossil fuels will send global temperatures soaring 15 degrees F by 2100! Chaos and food shortages will ensue! In the wake of these predictions, Dr. Roger Roots, founder and president of Lysander Spooner University, proposed …

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Dec 11

Nicaraguan Reporters face assaults, violence, and death threats

The safest job in the world is that of a pro-government reporter; the most dangerous job in the world is that of an anti-government reporter.  Dozens of courageous journalists have faced violent threats and attacks in the past year as they have reported on life under the repressive government.  One journalist who has reported on …

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Mar 05

Government “Disease Control” Agency Asks for more Money and Power as Life Expectancy Declines

Never in American history has the federal government had more power over the health and medical care of the American people. And life expectancy has gone down for the past two consecutive years, as American health care choices are increasingly choked and controlled by government. But the government “Center for Disease Control” is now seeking …

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Dec 25

Government scientists rage at slight Trump budget cuts

Study after study shows that when government pays for science, that “science” tends to be very expensive, very inefficient, and biased in favor of government. This can be seen in numerous fields including welfare policy, education, health care and climate science. Dr. Roger Roots, the founder of Lysander Spooner University, documented the inefficiency of government-funded …

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Sep 18

Are the glaciers in Glacier National Park growing? Lysander Spooner University investigates climate claims

Glacier National Park (GNP) straddles the continental divide along Montana’s border with Canada. Ever since Al Gore’s 2006 film, “An Inconvenient Truth,” the Park has been seen as ground zero in the international battle over manmade global warming. Almost every major figure promoting apocalyptic-manmade-global-warming-by-CO2 hysteria has made a publicized visit to the Park. Today’s visitors …

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Aug 02

New Speakers Announced for August 12 Symposium

Amazing roster of speakers and lecturers for Lysander Spooner University’s “Despotism and Defiance” Conference. Saturday, August 12, Las Vegas, Nevada downtown, 1217 S. 4th Street, just north of the Stratosphere at “Camp Liberty.” Nationally recognized researchers and activists will discuss current threats to American liberty. $7 at the door appreciated. Maureen Peltier, army veteran turned …

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