Pentagon price negotiator who saved taxpayers billions is abruptly fired

Lobbyists for so-called U.S. “defense” contractors often live lavish lifestyles. Many have mansions in Maryland or Virginia with swimming pools and iron gates. The billions spent on government defense and intelligence generates powerful forces in Washington. Now Yahoo News is out with a report that the Pentagon official who saved taxpayers billions of dollars on […]

Greenwald: NBC and MSNBC are essentially arms of the CIA and U.S. Military

It is well documented that most “mainstream” news is under the pay and support of the government. Now intrepid journalist Glenn Greenwald documents that MSNBC and NBC are knowingly and unapologetically publishing fake news supported by the CIA. Even when the public loudly alerts NBC and MSNBC executives about their false reporting, the networks refuse […]

Syrian “chemical attack” was false flag operation carried out in real time under total public exposure

Governments no longer care that their false flag ‘terror attacks’ are now exposed by alternative news in real time. They rely on “mainstream” (government supporting and supported) “news media” to report the government version of events uncritically. On March 17–almost a month ago–“Russia Today,” the news network of the Russian government reported that “US instructors” […]

Intercept: Senate Republicans Who Most Support Surveillance are Receiving Major Koch Brother Support

People who call themselves ‘conservatives’ often claim they are advocating an originalist, strict-construction of the Constitution, consistent with the intent of America’s Founding Fathers. Yet the strongest strand of principle which weaves through modern conservatism is worship of men in uniform, especially soldiers and cops. The Founding Fathers would be spinning in their graves if […]

U.S. Military Contractors Post Craigslist Ad Seeking ‘Crisis Actors’ for Upcoming “Drill” has broken a story wherein a U.S. intelligence or military contractor has posted a Craigslist ad seeking “actors” for an upcoming military “exercise.” Infowars notes that the “exercise” appears to be timed to coincide with the Democratic National Convention and speculates that the military-industrial complex may seek to stage a false flag ‘terror’ attack […]

Everything you need to know about “National Security”: The officials at the top are always the greatest threats to it

In 1998 some government documents were declassified which showed that the government was plotting mass murders of the American people in 1961. The 1961 plan, known as “Operation Northwoods,” was designed to get the American people to support a war against Cuba. The highest generals and admirals in the U.S. military were planning to crash […]

Freedom-Of-Information-Act Documents Show U.S. Military Exerting Influence on TV Programming

Trusters of government frequently complain about private-sector money in politics. They say that private-sector voices (especially business and pro-free-market voices) should be barred from spending money on ads that could influence American politics. However, the government is spending massively to influence politics, and to convince Americans that government is good and should be expanded and […]

Why do so many U.S. weapons fall into enemy hands? Will We Soon Be Attacked By Them?

Why do people who call themselves “conservatives” and who claim to advocate “limited government” worship big military? Former Congressman Ron Paul wonders why so many dollars worth of U.S. military weapons have supposedly fallen into the hands of “enemies.” “Building weapons and seeing them end up in the hands of the enemy is almost a […]