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Apr 03

In the trucking industry, government is demanding what the industry is already doing

Government bureaucrats frequently spot good ideas being implemented in the private sector, and then try to show they are doing something by mandating that the private sector must do what it is already doing. The intrusive mind of the tyrant never pauses. Consider the trucking industry, which is filled with business owners and operators who …

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Apr 02

Another Government-Subsidized ‘Green’ Energy Company Fails

For years, trusters of government have promoted ‘green’ energy schemes by which the government subsidizes so-called alternative energy technology. The goal, supposedly, is to build up solar, wind and other alternative-energy industries, until they can compete with (and ultimately displace) fossil fuels. It never works. Solar and wind sources cannot stand on their own against …

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Jan 22

“Alternative Energy”: California government to charge taxpayers millions to build electric-car charging stations

There seems to be a religious hatred among government trusters against fossil-fuel suppliers. A loathing almost as irrational as the unshakeable, almost hypersexual, love of self-styled “conservatives” for men in government uniforms. Even as petroleum products have been made cheaper and cheaper by private sector innovators, the government of California is poised to forcibly take …

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Dec 08

Lost? Need Directions? Ask a Man

Fascinating psychological research from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology suggests that male brains are better at judging directions than female brains. See here. The research involved MRI scans of brain activity.

Nov 13

Self-driving cars are already safer than human-driven cars

On a per-mile basis, the automobile is the safest form of land transportation ever invented. See here. It is often said that planes are safer than cars; but on a per-trip or per-hour basis, cars are even safer than planes. Yet governments, for a century, have burdened car travel with reams of unnecessary rules and …

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Oct 21

Driverless Cars–Brought to us by the Private Sector–Are Upon Us

(Pictured above: visionary and futurist Julian Simon) After a century of needless regulation, and hundreds of thousands if not millions of violent arrests of drivers for traffic violations, the era of driverless cars is upon us. Dozens of private firms, including Tesla, Apple, Google, GM, Honda and many others, are already producing driverless-car prototypes which …

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Oct 05

U.S. Postal Service Lost $5.5 Billion in 2014; Its Average Vehicle Gets 10 M.P.G.

The U.S. Postal Service lost $5.5 billion in 2014 and has lost many more billions over the past decade. Even as global trade, communications and shipping has skyrocketed, the Postal Service can’t operate efficiently. U.S. Postal workers are greatly overpaid. Hundreds, even thousands, apply for every opening. It might be said that the PRIMARY purpose …

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Sep 27

Associated Press cites “lack of regulation” as cause of increased prescription drug prices, even as overregulation is the primary cause of high drug prices

A case study in how the government-supporting media report business news through the lens of government. This weekend, dozens of prominent newspapers (including the Bozeman Daily Chronicle) reprinted an Associated Press (AP) story entitled “Side Effects: Lack of regulation, competition, research costs increase prescription drug costs in the U.S.” See the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s republication …

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Sep 16

As western societies choke innovation with high taxes and government controls, Asia’s millionaires become world’s richest group

Europe and its colonies–especially British colonies–led the way in global prosperity and innovation between the 1600s and the 1900s. Small governments, constitutional law, and the industrial revolution led the people of the West to lead the world. Now a new report indicates that Asian societies–especially those in southeast-Asian nations that have mostly rejected socialism and …

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Sep 12

Ridesharing is safer than taking cabs

For decades, the act of driving a cab has been preposterously overregulated. Government hacks in almost every jurisdiction have enacted stupid laws and policies requiring government licensing and approval of all cab companies. In many states, cab companies are ridiculously regulated as “public utilities” like water and electricity. Cab companies, in turn, have paid off …

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