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Jul 04

Newspaper editor (and his lawyer) charged with felonies for filing public records requests

Journalism which supports the state is probably the world’s safest profession. Journalism which attacks, critically investigates, or undermines the state has always been one of the world’s most dangerous professions. Now a reporter in Georgia, along with his attorney, have been arrested and charged with FELONIES for filing public records requests regarding a powerful local …

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Jun 03

Federal Prosecutors have been Secretly Viewing Defense Legal Documents for a Decade

Astounding news from the federal courts of south Florida. It has been revealed that the U.S. Attorneys Office has had secret access to all documents used by the defense teams they litigate against for more than 10 years! Some people still think federal courts function according to an adversarial model, with the government pitted against …

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Mar 06

D.C. Police raid homes based on little or no evidence

American criminal justice has collapsed. Decades of pro-government rulings by the courts have opened the door to wholesale violations of basic protections by unaccountable police. Now the Washington Post — -which generally trumpets the claims of the government — –has finally taken notice of the practice of police raiding homes armed with “search warrants” based …

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Oct 20

Details Emerge Regarding Chicago Police Department’s Torture Warehouse

More details are emerging regarding the torture and interrogation warehouse used for years by the Chicago Police Department. See here. At least 6,000 “suspects” were arrested and taken to the warehouse over the years. The Chicago PD maintained NO BOOKING RECORDS at the site, and thus hid arrestees from lawyers and their families while the …

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Oct 02

Law School Professors Overwhelmingly Promote Expansive Intrusive Government

Many people have noticed that today’s legal profession is overwhelmingly composed of trusters of expansive government. Where are the Jeffersons, the Lord Camdens and the George Masons of today? One reason why the public cannot find lawyers to challenge government power is the law school industry. Today’s law schools are overwhelmingly staffed by professors who …

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