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Apr 14

Update: New speakers at Upcoming Las Vegas conference! Saturday, April 15, 2017

We have very alarming news to report regarding Ken Medenbach, our scheduled keynote speaker for April 15. Medenbach traveled to Nevada to watch the federal Bundy trial and to speak at Lysander Spooner University’s upcoming symposium. Ken is the world’s foremost authority on the history of judicial oaths and judicial review. Unfortunately, Ken was arrested …

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Nov 21

Growth in Jail Population Has Been Mostly Driven by Increased Incarceration of Innocent Inmates

While the jail population in the U.S. has grown substantially since the 1980s, the number of convicted people in jails has been flat for the last 15 years. Detention of the legally innocent has been consistently driving jail growth! See here!

Nov 15

Revealed: government “law enforcement” protected Mexico’s largest drug cartel, targeting lower-level competitors

. It has been frequently revealed that government “law enforcement” agencies make deals with the highest-level crime organizations and help the organizations eliminate lower-level competitors. The FBI’s “Organized Crime” unit in New England made a practice of aligning with Boston’s Irish mob and prosecuting the mob’s (mostly Italian) mafia rivals. The Irish mob, protected by …

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Nov 15

America’s cops kill thousands of harmless pets annually

Reason Magazine has published a story about the common practice by police of shooting and killing harmless dogs at police work areas. It is common for cops to arrive at a home to talk to occupants or serve a warrant and encounter barking (or exuberant, tail-wagging) dogs. The cops immediately shoot the dogs dead. You …

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Nov 13

FBI operated a high percentage of all child porn sites

Astounding news from tech writer Cyrus Farivar. The FBI has admitted in court documents that it secretly managed and operated 23 Tor-hidden child porn sites, and even deployed malware from them. You know, to “catch criminals.” According to the ACLU, the FBI operated 23 separate child pornography sites and hosted the sites from a government …

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Nov 05

Intercept: Senate Republicans Who Most Support Surveillance are Receiving Major Koch Brother Support

People who call themselves ‘conservatives’ often claim they are advocating an originalist, strict-construction of the Constitution, consistent with the intent of America’s Founding Fathers. Yet the strongest strand of principle which weaves through modern conservatism is worship of men in uniform, especially soldiers and cops. The Founding Fathers would be spinning in their graves if …

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Aug 19

Bozeman “daycare” reports parents to the police because a child’s birthmark resembled a bruise

Boycott “Roots Nature School.” Impeach and slash the budgets of Gallatin County Sheriff Brian Gootkin. The Bozeman-area daycare called government “Child Protective Services” (CPS) after finding a mark on a child’s chest. They claim they suspected the child’s parents of abusing the child. However, the mark on the child’s chest was a birthmark. The parents …

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Aug 18

Chicago Police Report Recommends Firing 7 Lying Officers

According to the Washington Post: “”Chicago police officials have recommended firing seven officers for lying about the shooting death of Laquan McDonald, a black teenager whose 2014 killing helped spark intense protests and a federal investigation of the department.” Cops shot McDonald in the back from more than 40 feet away as McDonald walked away …

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Aug 16

Iowa man ARRESTED for displaying flag upside-down

. An upside-down flag is an internationally known symbol of distress, siege or protest. An Iowa man displayed the U.S. flag upside down to protest a pipeline issue near his property. Local authorities ARRESTED the man for “desecration” of the flag. See here.

Aug 14

U.S. Olympians robbed in Brazil by thieves posing as cops

The blind trust that many people have in government and policing is an achilles heel for them. Many serial killers have masqueraded as police officers, finding that people will tend to blindly follow and trust a man wearing a shiny badge and a government-style costume. Many serial rapists also use the same trick, finding that …

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