Did Rachel Maddow Refuse to Pump CIA Wars? MSNBC is Paying Her $30 Million to work ONE NIGHT PER WEEK

If not for secret payments by CIA, would MSNBC even exist? In 1975 the US Senate Church Committee found that the CIA was secretly paying major news reporters for pro-government “journalism.” Congress passed no laws prohibiting the practice. Today it is estimated that the CIA likely spends billions annually on “mainstream” “news.” During the rollout […]

CNN spent $400 million promoting a new pay-for-news pro-government “CNN Plus” streaming network. Just 10,000 people subscribed.

CNN–the greatest contemporary embodiment of “mainstream” news–has spent the past year, and some $400 million, launching “CNN Plus.” But just 10,000 viewers weekly have subscribed to the new channel. Viewers just won’t pay to watch worn-out, pro-government propaganda. According to Alex Jones of Infowars, the smallest radio station in a small town generally has over […]

As “mainstream” news collapses, independent news thrives: Gateway Pundit saw 34% increase in 2021

There is nothing mainstream about “mainstream news.” Increasing evidence suggests that so-called ‘legacy’ news sources such as NYT, WaPo, NBC, ABC, CNN, etc. are probably being secretly funded by US government intelligence agencies. The public’s trust in such media has plummeted in recent years. Mainstream news lost 65% of its social media interactions, and 8% […]

More Californians flee: U-Haul reports it can’t keep its rental trucks and trailers in the state

U-Haul annually surveys which states its rental trucks and trailers are traveling to and from. California has been among the leading net-losers in recent years; and this year California was far-and-away the national leader in U-Haul rentals leaving but not returning. In 2020 the State lost more equipment than Illinois, which had the final spot […]

The market always wins: two thousand government-worshiping universities may collapse in the next 5 years

A New York University marketing professor, Scott Galloway, estimates that a thousand to two thousand of the country’s 4,500 universities could go out of business in the next 5-10 years. College shutdowns in the wake of the government’s coronavirus scare have exposed the vulnerability and inefficiency of many colleges. Colleges in the U.S. are overwhelmingly […]

Politico: “Mainstream” media is losing credibility by hiding “the whistleblower”

Eric Ciaramella is a privileged, highly-paid federal employee with a long track record of supporting pro-government extremist positions and the Democratic Party. It was apparently Ciaramella who, while working in the National Security Council in July of this year, heard that Donald Trump had talked to the Ukrainian president (via telephone) about getting the Ukrainian […]

Californians are buying small generators by the thousands

THE MARKET ALWAYS WINS Governments everywhere seek subjects that are impoverished, weak, ill, fearful and dependent on government “services.” But the current and future blackouts caused by California’s government-licensed power monopoly appear to have one major positive impact: thousands of Californians are seeking self help by purchasing small gas generators. Bloomberg reported on October 5 […]

Chicago suburb lays off 40 cops and firefighters to meet pension obligations

Every socialist state will eventually reach a day of reckoning. For years the government of Harvey, Illinois (an impoverished, high-tax, high-regulation socialist suburb of Chicago) has overpaid cops and firefighters and lavished retired cops and firefighters with extravagant pensions. (Many such retirees take their padded pensions and move to lower-tax, less socialist places.) But the […]