Attempt to overthrow Turkey’s government reportedly fails

“National security” is something of an oxymoron. The fabric of history shows that liberal societies in which common people have more freedom to innovate, invent, and create without oversight of the state tend to be the most secure societies. Paradoxically, societies that are ruled by a cult of government omnipotence tend to reel from crisis […]

4th Circuit Court of Appeals: Government May Track Americans by Cell Phones without Warrant

Astounding blow to privacy from the U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia. See here. For years the government has been arguing that any information you give up to a “3rd party” is not “private.” Thus, the government may intercept it without so much as a warrant. Although warrants are necessary for government […]

Canadian citizen working in Nepal arrested by Nepalese authorities after criticizing Nepal’s government

Every government that has ever existed has ultimately come for all property, all money, all freedom, and to kill all who resist. Governments often view criticism as treason or sedition, and claim that dissenting voices are trying to commit terrorism or overthrow the government. Now a Canadian citizen with a work visa to Nepal has […]

Minnesota cities claim to be able to search rental apartments without warrant to ensure good housekeeping

Astounding story from the Institute for Justice. Government control freaks in Golden Valley, Minnesota claim they have the right to search any rental apartment in order to ensure the apartment is clean and tidy. Golden Valley and other Minnesota towns seek evidence-free “administrative” warrants to search rental homes. The Institute for Justice is challenging the […]

U.S. Senators Push Harder for Bill to Prohibit Private Encryption

It is the dream of every tyrant: to hold all power over others’ property and resources, to know all things about others while entrenching government privacy, and to kill all who resist. Now a group of power-gorged U.S. Senators are pushing (again) for a bill to ban (private-sector) encryption. See here. The king’s keys must […]

Analysts now wondering if U.S. government leaked the ‘Panamanian Papers’

Yesterday’s headlines blared with news about leaked documents from a Panamanian law firm which show major world government leaders have been laundering money in secret off-shore bank accounts. In some cases, billions of dollars appear to have been siphoned from impoverished taxpayers around the globe to enrich the secret (tax-free) bank accounts of government officials. […]

Bob Barr: the government is actually demanding that Apple invent a way to defeat its devices’ encryption safeguards

Good essay by former congressman and former Libertarian Party candidate for president Bob Barr, regarding the current fight between Apple and the U.S. government: the government is for the first time demanding that a company actually invent a way to defeat the very encryption safeguards it builds into the devices it sells.

Government launches major campaign to promote its surveillance agenda; accuses Apple of using the issue as a marketing strategy

The Justice Department has embarked on a national advertising campaign to drum up public support for forcing the makers of the iPhone to unlock the device used by alleged San Bernardino killers. It seems that FBI agents themselves are to blame for the locked-up iPhone. They bunglingly reset the password while trying to hack into […]