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Mar 18

Another town eliminates police force, finds that crime drops

The town of New Carlisle, Ohio–just outside Dayton–has eliminated its police force and cut its funding for county sheriffs deputies substantially. Just as with other towns who have done the same, crime has dropped.

Feb 28

China Employs More than 100,000 Bureaucrats To Regulate the Internet

In the wake of this week’s takeover of the internet by the FCC, paleolibertarian economist Gary North points to a 2013 Economist article reporting that the government of China employs 100,000 government workers to monitor and regulate Chinese internet users. (We think that number is probably quite low.) Gary North writes today that “The FCC …

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Feb 24

Dutch City Removes All Traffic Signs; Traffic Accidents Go Down

We were recently alerted by a essay about how traffic safety actually improves when traffic controls are decreased. American car traffic is tremendously overregulated; and there are way too many traffic cops on the roadways. Within the link is the mention of a Dutch city of 50,000 people, Drachten, which stripped its streets …

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Feb 11

John Stossel on Spontaneous Order

The great libertarian TV journalist and commentator John Stossel is out with a brilliant essay. Stossel discusses the theory of spontaneous order: the notion that humans tend to create order in any chaotic setting, without being commanded to do so. In many respects, the debate over spontaneous order is the debate between freedom and …

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