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May 01

Tens of thousands have died due to Canadian single payer health care

If the power of freedom and capitalism were unleashed on medical care, societies would quickly become strong and healthy at low cost. But governments around the world have choked their subjects with slave plantation style health care. The Canadian government imposes a government monopoly on medicine, prohibiting Canadians from buying medical treatment. A new study …

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Apr 28

Millions flee socialist Venezuela

The vibrant people of Venezuela began voting for socialist politicians 20 years ago. The politicians promised government health care, government jobs, and government security. Government trusters in the west applauded Venezuela. But now hundreds of thousands have died from starvation, murder and disease. Venezuelans are now pouring over the borders seeking asylum in neighboring states. …

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Mar 29

Medicaid and pensions now eat 1 out of 5 state tax dollars; this share is about to explode.

Has the entire American experiment been for the benefit of one cohort of people: 21st-century government workers? In the 240 years since the American Revolution, the U.S. prospered like no other nation in world history–due to the Bill of Rights and low levels of government interference and regulation. But now government programs and regulations are …

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Mar 11

Harvard study: Heart attack patients have higher survival rates when the doctor is away

An astounding study finds that heart attack patients who arrive at hospitals when the government-licensed doctor is away HAVE HIGHER SURVIVAL RATES than those who see a doctor. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports on the study here. The study found that 19.5 percent of patients died within 30 days of admission when the doctor was …

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Jan 27

Socialism has cost Venezuela half of its wealth and half of its economy in just 5 years

For those who think socialist ideologues are not dangerous, there is sobering news from Venezuela. Just 20 years ago Venezuelans were the wealthiest and healthiest people in Latin America. The country had a total wealth that was greater than that of China. Today, after 15 years of socialist central planning, the people spend most of …

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Jan 23

U.S. government secretly poisoned hundreds of pregnant women with radiation

Many Americans are familiar with the Tuskegee experiments in which the U.S. government secretly injected hundreds of African Americans with diseases and then let them die without treatment. It was all done under the auspices of government health care. It is less well known that other similar experiments were conducted by the U.S. government elsewhere. …

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Dec 25

Veterans Administration violates medical regulations

Regulation kills. For decades, government policymakers at state, local and federal levels have piled regulations onto the medical industry. Combined with government subsidies, these policies have sent health care costs spiraling upward faster than inflation every year for decades. Recently the USA Today reported that even government “health care” operations such as the Veterans Administration …

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Dec 21

U.S. life expectancy declines for second year in a row as government takes larger role in “health care”

Where societies are free, life expectancy grows steadily. Abundance, nutrition and technological advancement drive humans to ever-higher standards of health and wellbeing. But since 1965, the U.S. government has taken an ever-larger role in “health care” and welfare. Now the medical market is more than half socialist. Government slave-plantation health care operations have driven medical …

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Dec 11

Florida health insurance premiums increase an average of 45 percent

Government slave-plantation healthcare programs–which generally increase demand without increasing supply, causing prices to rise–continue to make health care LESS affordable. If the free market were unleashed on health care, Americans would be the healthiest people on earth, and medical products and services would quickly fall in price while improving in quality. Instead, life expectancy in …

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Dec 10

Hundreds of thousands flee socialist Venezuela, to start over with nothing.

Socialism is a curse that one should wish only on a hated enemy. Governments invariably promise cradle-to-grave safety, support and security but deliver only violence, misery and impoverishment. Yesterday’s New York Times detailed how Venezuelans in need of medicine must suffer early deaths or flee to other countries for survival. They were promised government (‘single …

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