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Lysander Spooner University's Ongoing Research Projects

May 15

Next weekend: Join us for a trek into Montana’s Crazy Mountains to ‘chase ice’

In 2016, Lysander Spooner University will embark on a series of research trips aimed at studying glacier in Montana and the greater Yellowstone region. Join us this coming Saturday at the sidewalk in front of the ‘MT Cup’ coffee shop in Livingston, Montana at around 8:00 a.m.. After introductions, we will caravan to the nearby …

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Apr 29

New Course!!: Energy Storage Innovation

Lysander Spooner University will put on an exciting 1-hour course on Friday, May 20, 2016 at 6:30 p.m.: Energy Storage Innovation!! The course will be taught by a local Montana mystery man: “Right On John.” See his Facebook page here. Right on John purports to be from Canada. He has invented and designed a wide …

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Apr 12


Saturday-Sunday, May 21-22, 2016 Did you know that there are hundreds of glaciers and permanent snowfields in Park County, Montana? Lysander Spooner University announces a research effort aimed at annually assessing the size and vitality of Park County’s glaciers. Join us on Saturday, May 21, 2016 for a field trip and hike into the Crazy …

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Jan 08

Will Glacier National Park’s glaciers be gone in four years?

by Dr. Roger I. Roots Last Fall I proposed a $5,000 bet that there will still be glaciers in Glacier National Park in 2030. This is contrary to DOZENS of signs inside Glacier National Park, as well as many government flyers and pamphlets that are handed out to GNP visitors. As of yet, no one …

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Sep 19

Lysander Spooner University Visits Glacier National Park 2015

Pictured above, the Jackson Glacier, taken at around its lowest point of the year, Sept. 13, 2015. We at Lysander Spooner University are embarking on a continuing research project to study and photograph Montana or Wyoming glaciers each year from the same vantage points and dates of the calendar. As many people know, various agencies …

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Aug 02

Proposed Constitutional Amendments to “Overturn Citizens United” Would Actually Overturn Hundreds of Cases

(Pictured above: Bernie Sanders, who is pushing to amend the Constitution to give much more power to the government to “regulate” (meaning fine, punish, or imprison for) (private) spending on ideological-oriented ads, pamphlets or broadcasts.) More than a dozen proposals have been introduced in the two chambers of Congress to supposedly overturn the Supreme Court’s …

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Jun 22

Research Problem: Can Anyone Devise a Method to Test Whether Medicare and/or Social Security Have Negatively Impacted General Health?

by Dr. Roger I. Roots A previous post on the fact that today’s senior citizens are generally sicker (but longer-living, due to medical advancements) than their predecessors got me thinking. Can this increased level of sickness and chronic illness among today’s populations be partially attributed to Medicare? Or to Social Security? This is not as …

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Apr 13

When MSN Claims Research Was “Silenced,” This Merely Means That Government Funding Was Cut

Today’s headline on MSN News reads: “Gun owners face much higher murder risks, researchers said. Then the NRA silenced them.” Wow. The National Rifle Association “silenced” research. But the article’s details show no support for such a headline. The story is about governmnt funded “disease research” during the 1990s that pronounced such things as that …

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Feb 13


Previously, we announced a volunteer research project in which we hope to record images of North American glaciers on the precise same dates every year. This research idea is something of a response to official government imagery showing glaciers such as the Grinnell Glacier in Glacier National Park appearing to melt rapidly in recent years. …

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Jan 30

Lysander Spooner University’s July 24th Climate-Change Photo Research Project

                          No one denies “the greenhouse effect.” We can observe it in greenhouses. But we are scientists, and we are scientifically skeptical of claims by government-friendly alarmists who claim that humanity must adopt various repeatedly-failed socialist policies in order to save the planet …

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