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Aug 05

It begins: Thousands of Americans have been secretly arrested, tortured and/or interrogated without lawyers in a Chicago facility

Every government that ever existed ultimately came for all property, all freedom, all money, and to kill all who resist. The average person in the world is several times more likely to be killed by his own government than by any other source. This is why governments are always the greatest source of danger for …

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Jul 20

Virginia rape case: prosecutor and judge colluded to conceal evidence of innocence.

In Charlottesville, Virginia, an innocent man named Mark Weiner was falsely convicted of rape after a Democratic prosecutor and a Republican judge agreed that evidence of pure innocence (cell phone records indicating the purported rape “victim” lied) should be kept from the jury. In the words of Professor William L. Anderson, “Who says that Republicans …

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Jul 19

Wisconsin Political Police Launched Violent Armed SWAT Raid in a Witch Hunt against Political Donors

In a free society, every person has a right to say, publish and broadcast any truthful facts about anything. One can pay for a full-page ad in any newspaper (that is willing to take the money) saying what one wants to say. Increasingly, this is not the case in America. After generations of suffering setbacks …

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Jul 17

Judges are increasingly dismissing civil cases.

As many legal commentators have noted, jury trials are virtually vanishing. Prosecutors file complicated multi-count indictments, expecting that every defendant will be forced to plead guilty to something. Increasingly, only a fool would risk his life by taking such cases to a jury. Almost every error is a crime and almost every crime is a …

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Jun 29

Guantanamo inmates deteriorating after multi-year hunger strikes

Who would have predicted 20 years ago that the United States would erect a prison system to hold inmates for life without charges, due process or evidence? The U.S. concentration camp at Guantanamo is approaching its 15th anniversary, and dozens of inmates continue to be held without charge. The Center for Constitutional Rights is reporting …

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Jun 14

11-Year-Old Boy Played Alone in His Yard. Government Agents Took Him, Charged Parents with Felonies.

Lenore Skenazy is a noted freedom activist and advocate for parents allowing their children to raise their children in conditions of freedom (like generations of Americans in the past). She reports on a recent Florida prosecution of two parents charged with child neglect for allowing their 11-year-old son to play basketball in his yard after …

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Jun 14

It Has Gone Underreported that the IRS Threatened North Carolina Businessman Lyndon McLellan to Keep Him Silent.

It has been widely reported that in March 2015, the IRS seized $107,000 from North Carolina businessman Lyndon McLellan’s bank account because he had made cash deposits in “wrong” amounts. The IRS claimed that McLellan was “structuring” cash deposits under $10,000 to avoid being identified or suspected of money laundering, drug activity, or whatever. In …

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Jun 02

Ninth Circuit Justice: the Ancient Writ of Habeas Corpus has Collapsed as a Protection for the Powerless

Stephen R. Reinhardt is one of America’s most premier “liberal” (in the old, traditional, suspicious-of-government sense) judges on the high federal bench. For years he has used his seat on the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to protect criminal defendants from the overreach of the American police state. Now Reinhardt has authored an enlightened …

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May 30

Former Speaker of U.S. House, Who Presided over a Vast Prisonization of American Life, Now Indicted by the Feds

During the 1990s through the 2000s, Americans saw the most extreme criminalization and prisonization of any society in human history. Policymakers at every level created and extended a vast police state, with thousands of prisons, cops all over every street, troopers patrolling every highway and warrantless surveillance of virtually all communications. At the lead of …

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May 14

Juror Regrets Convicting Innocent Man of Murder two decades earlier

Very sad video of a juror who voted to convict Michael Morton of killing his wife 25 years ago. After DNA evidence showed that another man had killed Ms. Morton, other evidence surfaced indicating that government agents and prosecutors had hidden important facts from the defense.

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