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Jun 03

After years of overtaxing the rich, Connecticut tax receipts decrease and Connecticut’s richest citizens flee to other states

Connecticut income-tax collections declined last year for the first time since the recession due to lower earnings of wealthy residents. Many of Connecticut’s millionaires have fled for lower-tax states. In the past five years 27,400 Connecticut residents have moved to no-income-tax Florida. According to the Wall Street Journal, one of Connecticut’s largest companies, Aetna Insurance, …

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Jun 02

Socialist Venezuela is a paradise for government: officials live like kings among the starving

Wherever socialism takes hold, society spirals downward into poverty, dependence, sickness and weakness while elitists in government prosper. In modern Venezuela, the people dive through trash for food, eat pigeons, cats and dogs for food, and die in knife fights on the streets over dollar bills. Meanwhile the elitists and government officials in the socialist …

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Mar 27

Government causes poverty: Massive welfare spending in San Antonio makes people less educated, more desperate

For the past 5 years, the federal government has poured $54 million in government aid into an impoverished neighborhood in San Antonio, Texas. The welfare program has apparently may have set the tiny, 3.5 square mile neighborhood back. The San Antonio Express reports more high school graduates (79.4%) require remedial courses to enter college today …

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Jan 02

Washington, D.C.: Homeless numbers double amid highly-paid government households

Throughout the past 20 years, the salaries and benefits of government workers have increased substantially, even as the American people struggle to survive in trailer parks. Lawmakers at the federal, state and most local levels have been transforming government employees into kings and queens walking among peasants. In many locations, the largest mansions are owned …

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Jan 01

Retired government “workers” in one California town rake in two hundred thousand dollars annually amid peasants with average HOUSEHOLD incomes of $32,000

California is a place with bountiful treasures but a socialistic-style government. Voters trust government so much that they now have some of the highest taxes in the world. In one town, El Monte, the average HOUSEHOLD scrapes by on $32,000 annually while retired city government “workers” draw pensions as high as $200,000 annually. Such government …

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Oct 24

Growing numbers of poor Americans find retirement elusive; they must work till they die

Sad story from the Associated Press. America has become a two-tiered society, with those in power pampered in luxury while those without government positions live lives of poverty. For years, the U.S. government has punished savers, entrepreneurs and investors. Social Security, for example, takes money from people’s paychecks during periods when they most need money …

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Oct 09

Poorer households suffer more from government regulations than do richer households

A new study finds that poorer households spend a higher proportion of their incomes on more heavily regulated goods. Consequently, the costs of regulations falls disproportionately on the poor. See here. The study, entitled “How Do Federal Regulations Affect Consumer Prices? An Analysis of the Regressive Effects of Regulation,” was authored by Dustin Chambers and …

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Oct 09

7 in 10 Americans have less than $1,000 in savings

If you save anything in modern America, you are an utter fool. The U.S. government has been punishing savers for years. A variety of government programs punish savers: For example, near-zero percent interest rates (which disincentivize saving and incentivize borrowing), and the Social Security and Medicare programs (which incentivize early ‘retirement,’ and convince millions of …

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Sep 04

Venezuela now has ‘single payer’ food distribution

It is the dream of every government supremacist: to require that all food, medicine, education and other vital goods and resources be provided by the state. Venezuela was once among the most productive and dynamic countries in Latin America. Now after 15 years of socialism, Venezuelans are eating out of garbage cans, hunting dogs, cats …

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Aug 13

Socialist Bernie Sanders just purchased his THIRD home: a $600,000 lakefront summer home

Socialism disguises itself as a movement of the poor; but it has always been a movement of wealthy elites. Hugo Chavez’s daughter is reportedly worth $4 billion in a land of starving slaves. Fidel Castro has always lived like a king, with mansions, private lakes stocked with pet dolphins, and other luxuries. His serfs live …

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