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Nov 13

Is it “game over” for the world’s climate?

The recent election of skeptical Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency heralds a growing understanding that the hysterical claims of government-trusting socialists regarding the theory of manmade global warming are untrue. A vast majority of U.S. voters view the apocalyptic-global-warming claims as an elaborate big-government scam. Now the most hysterical among hysterics are panicking even …

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Nov 07

Brave Climate Press Conference in Australia

Canadian climatologist Tim Ball and America’s premier temp data analyst Tony Heller are assisting Australian Senator Roberts with an address at Parliament regarding the manipulation by governments of world climate science. According to Professor Ball, the present global push for the manmade-global-warming-by-carbon-dioxide theory represents the greatest hoax in all of the history of science. Professor …

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Oct 02

U.S. “Defense Department” spent at least a half billion dollars to create fake al-queda videos

Governments worldwide have always sought to control the message. In recent years, a fake “grass roots” movement to give government more control over election ads has arisen, calling itself the “campaign finance reform” movement. This while government agencies spend hundreds of millions annually on ads, messages and propaganda (on top of all the other ways …

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Sep 23

Despite the headlines, ice in the arctic appears to be growing faster than normal

Headlines have blared this year about Arctic snow melt. But as Tony Heller’s Real Climate Science website points out, Arctic ice is actually growing rapidly. See here. Besides being the shortest melt season on record, and the earliest start to winter on record, the Arctic is also seeing the fastest September ice growth on record. …

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Sep 18

Mainstream Science appears to be ignoring hundreds of peer-reviewed papers showing global cooling in the 1960s and ’70s

Industrial production and coal-fired power plants were exploding worldwide after World War II. Carbon dioxide release into the atmosphere was also increasing rapidly. Hundreds of scientific papers have documented that global temperatures appeared to have been declining between the 1950s and late 1970s. But today’s government-funded scientists seem to ignore this data–or pretend that it …

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Aug 27

Government adjustments to temperature history show 10 times the warming that actually occurred.

Data expert Tony Heller began scrutinizing government temperature data sets a few years ago. Heller has exposed many scandals involving the tendency of government agencies to ‘adjust’ the temperature record to bolster the claims of socialists that manmade-global-warming-by-CO2 will doom the earth unless governments take over all world industries. Now Heller has found that government …

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Aug 18

After carbon taxes kick in, hundreds of thousands of Canadians are late on utility payments

Governments worldwide are waging a war on their subjects, seeking to enslave them in a world of dependency without energy self determination. Using the ruse of manmade-CO2-caused-global-warming, the Canadian government enacted carbon taxes and has been seeking to shut down fossil fuel power plants. Now, hundreds of thousands of Ontarians can no longer afford to …

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Aug 18

U.S. Forest Fires Down 50 % in 10 Years; Down 80% in 80 years

Forget what you’ve heard in the government-supporting press. Forest fires and forest fire damage is way down from previous decades. See here.

Jul 24

Secret emails among high-level Democrats reveal them rigging their primary system

Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks (who is currently trapped in London’s Ecuadoran Embassy) recently released some secret emails by high level Democratic Party officials, including Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. A hacker reportedly obtained the emails and posted them to Wikileaks. The emails show DNC chairwoman Schultz and other DNC officials and …

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Jul 23

Climate Change Sailors are Apparently Lying to the Public by Secretly Using an Icebreaker to Travel through Arctic Ice

A group of fame-seeking manmade-global-warming alarmists are making headlines around the world with claims that they are sailing around the North Pole which is virtually ice-free. The boat’s crew have bought into government statements that ice is disappearing in the Arctic. Unfortunately for the crewmen of the sailboat, the government claims about unusual melting are …

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