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Dec 11

Another sighting of the word ‘austerity’; it exists almost nowhere except in rhetoric

“Austerity” means cuts in government staff or welfare spending. The word appears often in false news, speeches of government trusters, and reporters. But austerity exists almost nowhere outside such rhetoric. None of the governments of the western world have done much cutting of their budgets. When George W. Bush won the presidency, the Republicans controlled …

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Dec 03

Montana “liberal” governor proposes cutting 27 state troopers; Montana “conservatives” oppose

As Montana’s Democratic governor prepares to submit a budget to the Legislature, he is proposing small cuts to the Montana Highway Patrol, including a proposal to lay off 27 troopers. The troopers are clearly unnecessary. Montana’s roadways are safer than ever, and Montana vehicles are traveling more miles more safely than ever before. Now the …

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Dec 01

Government schools have underperformed despite spending massively on administration

The graph above shows that government spending on “education” has increased massively while all outcomes have been flat. If this model were implemented by the private sector, everyone associated would be fired and the system would declare bankruptcy. Even worse, the spending has been directed disproportionately toward “administration” rather than actual instructors. See here.

Jul 07

U.S. Postal Service has lost more than $50 billion

Since 2007 the U.S. Postal Service has lost more than $50 billion. Its unfunded liabilities for its employees’ extravegent retirement benefits are nearly $100 billion. This despite having every advantage in the market place. Paying no taxes (property or income); being able to keep out competition; eminent domain; prestige locations, etc. Rural Post Offices are …

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Jul 03

GAO discovers that some federal employees take YEAR-LONG vacations at taxpayer expense

Federal workers are practically gods walking among us. They are so overpaid and overrewarded with benefits that they represent modern feudal overlords overseeing peasants. A new study by the GAO has found that it is not unheard of for federal employees in the Department of Homeland Security to take entire months off of work–and in …

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Apr 15

California’s 1 percent pay 45 percent of all State income taxes

For decades, the legislature of California has pushed the envelope toward socialism, high taxes and overregulation. Now the Sacramento Bee has conducted a study of the State’s tax burden. The newspaper found that forty-five percent of the state’s income tax money comes from the top 1 percent of filers – those with adjusted gross income …

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Apr 14

Medicare Part D was sold with claims it would cost $400 billion; Estimates were immediately raised to $534 billion after passage

If government programs were subjected to the same fraud and unfair-trade-practices standards that prevail in the private sector, many politicians and government bureaucrats would be serving lengthy prison sentences. Martin L. Gross reminds us that the congressional Republicans who pushed for Medicare Part D (prescription drug benefits for all Medicare recipients) in 2003 spread fundamental …

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Apr 05

Vermont and New Jersey legislatures have been hiking taxes; their residents are fleeing

In Vermont, taxes have recently been raised on home heating oil, mutual funds, banks, drivers, and businesses who don’t provide health insurance to employees. Consequently, thousands of Vermonters have fled the state over the past decade. In New Jersey, more than two million people have left after two decades of ever-higher taxes and outrageous spending …

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Apr 04

Overpaid Detroit Public School Administrators Caught Skimming Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars of ‘School Supply’ Money

Detroit public schools have exacted enormous funds from their surrounding taxpayers yet underperformed for decades. Now it emerges that some overpaid Detroit Public School Administrators have been funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars meant for ‘school supplies’ to themselves. See here. One Detroit principle accepted nearly $60,000 in bribes from a school vendor. The Detroit …

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Mar 17

Fed Continues to Claim it is “Bipartisan” Even as its Officers Overwhelmingly Support Big-Government Political Campaigns

Central banking and big governments have long shared in something of a symbiotic relationship. Central banking allows governments to give their subjects the appearance that government is a “good deal.” By running up massive debts to central banks, governments can trick their subjects into thinking that big government is “worth it.” Modern Americans, for example, …

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