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Aug 14

Baltimore Police totally ignore 4th amendment restrictions

After months of urban rioting and complaints in Baltimore, the U.S. Justice Department commissioned a report into police practices there. The results show a tyrannical local government, drunk on power and gorged on money, openly defying constitutional limits regarding searches and seizures. The report found that in Baltimore, police routinely stop people on the street …

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Jul 22

Private citizens rescue baby bison from the cold and are criminally prosecuted; government agents who do the same thing are not even publicly named

Remember those tourists to Yellowstone Park who were prosecuted and punished for picking up a freezing abandoned bison calf and trying to save it in their vehicle? The story made national news, with government officials shaming and lecturing YNP visitors to NEVER, EVER, try to save wildlife in national parks. Apparently, a whistleblower came forward …

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Jul 03

GAO discovers that some federal employees take YEAR-LONG vacations at taxpayer expense

Federal workers are practically gods walking among us. They are so overpaid and overrewarded with benefits that they represent modern feudal overlords overseeing peasants. A new study by the GAO has found that it is not unheard of for federal employees in the Department of Homeland Security to take entire months off of work–and in …

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Jun 23

There are now more non-military government employees who carry guns than there are U.S. Marines

The U.S. government has been bolstering the powers, privileges and immunities of federal employees for years. Career federal employees now get 8 weeks of PAID vacation annually. They are paid around twice what a private sector worker in the same field would make (and this does not include the paid vacation!). Federal workers are increasingly …

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May 12

Brazil Collapses under Socialism

Like Venezuela, Brazil has been on a government-growing binge. Government “workers” have been given increasingly favorable pension and payment packages. Many retire young and live as barons at taxpayer expense. See here. But the socialist trend of the past 15 years is now producing negative returns in Brazil. The economy is collapsing. See here. Now …

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May 10

Thousands of pictures of naked defendants found on judge’s computer

The practice of American law has increasingly departed from its original adversarial model. Over the past century, courts have increasingly favored the state over the citizenry. Here is a story of an Arkansas judge who apparently got into the practice of demanding that male defendants report to his house for “community service.” “[The pictures] depict …

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May 04

6 starving Venezuelan soldiers arrested for stealing goats

Socialism is a curse that one should wish on a hated enemy. Perhaps the easiest way to weaken and destroy a society is to impose socialism on that society. Over the weekend, six members of the Venezuelan military were detained by local authorities for stealing goats for food. See here.

May 02

Another ‘firefighter’ charged with setting fires he helped extinguish

Over the years, countless government firefighters have been found to have started the fires they ‘heroically’ help extinguish. Hundreds if not thousands of deadly arsons have been secretly set by government firefighters. This is true of home arsons as well as forest fires. It may even be that a sizeable percentage of all arsons are …

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Apr 26

Secretary of State Kerry–Part of an Administration that Lectures Americans Not to Squirrel Money away in Off-shore Accounts–Has hidden MILLIONS in Off-shore Accounts

President Obama frequently lashes out at U.S. companies that seek to escape America’s high tax burden by headquartering overseas. Last week, after the release of the “Panama Papers” which show that world leaders who impose high taxes on their own subjects are hiding their own riches in off-shore low- (or no-) tax accounts, Obama lashed …

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Apr 20

Federal employees get 8 paid weeks off per year

Federal “workers” are generally paid 1-1/2 to 2 times what workers in the private sector are paid for the same type of work. Yet this fact greatly understates the luxury, power and security of federal employment. Private employees are lucky to have 2 weeks of paid vacation per year. Federal workers with seniority get more …

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