Has Elon Musk stumbled upon Information that Twitter is Secretly Subsidized by the US Government?

Astounding revelations are tumbling out of the Elon Musk proposal to purchase Twitter. Or conspiracy theories; depending on one’s perspective. Tech analysts at the Conservative Tree House and elsewhere have spent thousands of hours studying Twitter’s business model. They contend that Twitter simply cannot exist without massive secret support from immensely deep pockets. “In the […]

Did Rachel Maddow Refuse to Pump CIA Wars? MSNBC is Paying Her $30 Million to work ONE NIGHT PER WEEK

If not for secret payments by CIA, would MSNBC even exist? In 1975 the US Senate Church Committee found that the CIA was secretly paying major news reporters for pro-government “journalism.” Congress passed no laws prohibiting the practice. Today it is estimated that the CIA likely spends billions annually on “mainstream” “news.” During the rollout […]

In 1878 French government investors paid every French newspaper to promote construction of the Panama Canal

From the book “Famous Financial Fiascos” by John Train (1985): The western world’s elites first began pondering the development of a canal across the Isthmas of Panama in the 1880s. It was the French government that initiated the project. (Later, the US government took the lead in the decades-long project.) Train writes that the leading […]

As “mainstream” news collapses, independent news thrives: Gateway Pundit saw 34% increase in 2021

There is nothing mainstream about “mainstream news.” Increasing evidence suggests that so-called ‘legacy’ news sources such as NYT, WaPo, NBC, ABC, CNN, etc. are probably being secretly funded by US government intelligence agencies. The public’s trust in such media has plummeted in recent years. Mainstream news lost 65% of its social media interactions, and 8% […]

Emails reveal government pushing reporters to smear scientists who criticize government COVID actions

“In public, Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins urge Americans to “follow the science.” In private, the two sainted public-health officials schemed to quash dissenting views from top scientists. That’s the troubling but fair conclusion from emails obtained recently via the Freedom of Information Act by the American Institute for Economic Research.” The emails show that […]

Alex Berenson was banned from social media for saying COVID vaxx injuries were 50 times greater than flu vaxx injuries. The figure is now 88 times!

Alex Berenson was banned from social media for saying COVID vaxx injuries were 50 times greater than flu vaxx injuries. The figure is now 88 times! Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google and Facebook all impose mass censorship of anti-government opinions and information. There is increasing evidence that this pro-government censorship agenda is secretly paid for or […]

More evidence that social media censorship is paid and promoted by the government

PJ Media reports that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas “is working with the social media giants to combat “misinformation,” which all too often recently has come to mean “dissent from the establishment political and media line.” What about the First Amendment? They’re working on ways to get around it.” Brad Stone, senior executive editor for […]

New Zealand government launches fund to pay for pro-government journalism

Every government seeks to reward pro-government journalists and to punish anti-government journalists. Pro-government journalism may be the safest and most-rewarding profession in the world; anti-government journalism may be the most dangerous profession in the world. Now the government of New Zealand is launching a fund to pay pro-government journalists. They say this is to combat […]

McLatchy–one of the largest “mainstream” news chains–nears bankruptcy

Bloomberg reports that “The McClatchy Co., the storied news publisher weighed down by pension obligations and debt, could file for bankruptcy within the next year.” McClatchy operates a news service and owns the Miami Herald, the Kansas City Star, the Charlotte Observer and other pro-government (“mainstream”) papers. Its reporters and content have been repeatedly linked […]