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Jan 22

Alaska, Russia, and Greenland are experiencing near record cold winters

While the government-funded news media continues to barrage us with claims of manmade global warming (to promote the government’s various power grabs), Russia, Alaska and Greenland are currently experiencing near record cold winters. See here.

Jan 19

Heller: climate scam ends tomorrow

Tony Heller, the world’s foremost authority on the manipulation of temperature data by government agencies, is out with a new post: “Scam Over In 26 Hours” Heller quotes some preposterous claims made yesterday by government-loving extremist senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders spewed various well-worn climate-change lies, including the often-repeated false claim that “97 percent of scientists …

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Jan 16

Greenland has gained 400 billion tons of ice since winter began

Even as government trusters become hysterical with claims that global ice is melting due to human-released CO2, ice levels in Greenland appear to be growing at a record rate. See here.

Dec 25

Government now stealing newborn babies from parents who refuse to get Social Security numbers for the babies

Here is a news story for anyone who thinks America is a free society. Two proud parents in Alabama went to pick up their newborn baby from a hospital only to find that the government had stolen their baby. The reason: the parents were unfit because they refused to “apply for” (apparently meaning accept) a …

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Nov 30

U.S. government agencies have been caught repeatedly altering arctic sea ice records

Once again, the courageous data analyst Tony Heller has caught U.S. government agencies altering ice history records to make the past seem colder than it was measured (and thereby make the present seem warmer in comparison). Now, Heller and others have uncovered previous government reports showing arctic ice levels growing substantially in the 1970s. More …

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Nov 25

U.S. government temperature data tamperers have erased 1940s warmth in Iceland

The intrepid data analyst Tony Heller has been monitoring the government’s official temperature records for years. The U.S. government’s temp database (maintained by NASA and NOAA and directed by Gavin Schmidt of NASA’s Goddard Space Institute) has been “adjusted” thousands of times to make the past seem colder than it was recorded. The government agencies …

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Nov 17

Even as governments pronounce September to be the ‘hottest on record,’ there are no scientifically calibrated long-term thermometers in place in vast reaches of the earth

The apocalyptic man-made-global-warming-by-carbon-dioxide scare has been promoted by government agencies which have been repeatedly caught ‘adjusting’ temp records to prove their case. Now, again, government agencies are pronouncing September to be the ‘hottest on record’–pointing to temp maps which show areas of Africa and the Middle East and stating that September in such regions was …

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Nov 13

FBI operated a high percentage of all child porn sites

Astounding news from tech writer Cyrus Farivar. The FBI has admitted in court documents that it secretly managed and operated 23 Tor-hidden child porn sites, and even deployed malware from them. You know, to “catch criminals.” According to the ACLU, the FBI operated 23 separate child pornography sites and hosted the sites from a government …

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Nov 02

Life is improving for most people on earth; in spite of governments

Life expectancy, world health, literacy and education, average interior living space, and the cleanliness of environments is gradually improving throughout the world. See here. But this progress has been IN SPITE OF, rather than because of the world’s governments, which have constantly sought to repress and control the world’s subjects. See here.

Oct 26

“Affordable Care Act” incentivizes poverty

“If you like your current plan, you will be able to keep it,” said President Obama. “Let me repeat that: If you like your plan, you will be able to keep it,” he said. This week, the Kaiser Family Foundation released an analysis of the Obamacare insurance exchanges that indicates there will be five states …

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