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Jul 04

Federal regulations are choking America: We are all 75 percent poorer because of them

According to a new time-series study by economists John Dawson of Appalachian State University and John Seater of North Carolina State, U.S. regulations have prevented the American economy from being productive and inventive. Because of this, U.S. GDP is just $16 trillion instead of $54 trillion. Ronald Bailey writes that “the growth of federal regulations …

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Jun 23

American home ownership at lowest in nearly 50 years

Overregulation by government, near-zero interest rates, student loan debt, and near all-time-low savings rates have devastated home ownership rates. Home ownership is at its lowest in nearly 50 years, falling to 63.7 percent in 2015. It’s a “decade-long slide” that “is unprecedented in American history,” according to an annual report released Wednesday by Harvard University’s …

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Jun 21

6 per cent of America’s prime-age male population are ex-convicts

Financial Times recently reviewed the economic problems facing America’s lower-class males. Males of prime working age have abandoned work, as regulation and the criminal justice system have taken their tolls. See here. “Between 6 and 7 per cent of the prime-age male population was in prison at some point during their lives in 2008.”

Jun 12

State Licensed Security Officer Allegedly Murders 50 Innocents

Today’s news reports are dominated by the murderous rampage of Omar Mateen (pictured, wearing New York Police Department shirts). Mateen is a licensed security officer in Florida, who apparently worships police authoritarianism. See here.

May 05

Tennessee requires 300 hours of government training to shampoo hair

The poor in today’s America are getting poorer all the time, relative to the rest of American society. The reason is government regulation, which keeps poor people from being free to pursue rewarding careers or to otherwise be productive. Many states require licenses for people to enter even the simplest professions such as barbering, managing …

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Apr 21

American businesses are in decline due to overregulation

Trusters of government have been pouring on regulations since the 1990s. Here is a Washington Post story about the decline of American entrepreneurship. Fewer business are launching. More are leaving, liquidating or dying. The average age of businesses is getting older (as young people stop starting businesses due to onerous licensing requirements). Thus, the efforts …

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Apr 15

California’s 1 percent pay 45 percent of all State income taxes

For decades, the legislature of California has pushed the envelope toward socialism, high taxes and overregulation. Now the Sacramento Bee has conducted a study of the State’s tax burden. The newspaper found that forty-five percent of the state’s income tax money comes from the top 1 percent of filers – those with adjusted gross income …

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Mar 06

Government again moves to require financial “advice” columnists to be government-licensed

Governments worldwide constantly seek to require all workers to be government-approved and government-licensed. In the U.S., many occupations that poor people could enter freely in the past have been transformed into government-licensed occupations. Poor people must now go through expensive government “training” and approval processes just to work as hairdressers, manicurists, auctioneers, teachers or interior …

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Feb 28

The U.S. has now gone 10 consecutive years in which GDP growth never rose above 3 percent

China, India and other countries have seen their annual GDP numbers grow by 6 to 8 to 10 percent annually. Much of the world has embraced increasing freedom, commerce and capitalism. Life expectancies have grown, and people are living healthier and happier all over the world. But not in the United States. A period of …

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Feb 11

Felony charges for bartenders who sold Wisconsin beer in Minnesota

A pair of hapless bartenders are being criminally prosecuted for felonies. Their alleged crime? Transporting some Wisconsin craft beer into nearby Minnesota and offering it for sale at a Minnesota bar. See here!

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