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Aug 31

Government professors expressly forbid any skepticism of the government’s climate change theory–and tell students to drop course if they dispute

Government colleges and universities are some of the least free places in America. Now three professors co-teaching an online course called “Medical Humanities in the Digital Age” at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs have told their students that man-made climate change is not open for debate, and those who think otherwise have no place in …

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Apr 21

‘Peer Review’ has Collapsed as a Tool for Ensuring the Validity of Science

With so much government money flowing into ‘top-tier’ research universities, the peer-review process has virtually collapsed. More observers are wakening to the fact that the ‘science’ which appears in high-level scholarly journals tends to favor government positions. William A. Wilson, in an article entitled “Scientific Redress” in the current issue of First Things (see here) …

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Mar 01

Another dubious study claims humans are destroying the earth

Even more from the ‘false, but peer-reviewed’ category. The journal Nature recently published a study purporting to show that humans may have unleashed the sixth known mass extinction in Earth’s history. The study lays the blame for this alleged mass extinction on a variety of manmade causes: habitation loss, over-hunting, over-fishing, the spread of germs …

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Jan 12

The higher the status of an academic journal, the more likely it is that the journal publishes false “science”

More on the “fake, but peer-reviewed” front: in 2013, the “prestigious” journal, Psychological Science, published a paper supposedly finding that climate skeptics tend to have “conspiracist ideation” (whatever that means). The journal suggested that people who disbelieve the moon landing are more likely to doubt government climate claims. The “study,” by Lewandowsky, Oberauer and Gignac, …

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Nov 11

New Study Suggests that Peer-Review Process may Prevail in the End regarding Climate Change.

William N. Butos and Thomas J. McQuade are scholars of the tragic role of government funding in scientific scholarship. They have authored a study entitled, “Causes and Consequences of the Climate Science Boom,” which appears in the Fall 2015 issue of The Independent Review. See here. Butos and McQuade find that the domineering role of …

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Sep 19

20 government-supported “climate scientists” call for their skeptics to be jailed

Last week, 20 “climate scientists”–each of whom is government-funded–signed a letter to President Obama and U.S. Attorney General Lynch calling for government to investigate and prosecute those who question or disagree with the government’s climate-change messaging. See the letter here. The letter makes numerous preposterous claims (e.g., that skeptics are knowingly promoting false science, as …

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Aug 27

Fake Science: The Majority of Experiments by Government-Supported University Psychologists Cannot Be Replicated

Most government-supported universities are dens of pro-government sentiment masquerading as social science. Government “research” funding supports thousands of university psychologists who churn out studies that–unsurprisingly–support various socialist and pro-government theories and expansive welfare-state economics. Pro-government voices in academia are becoming increasingly shrill. Witness some of the hysteria surrounding the government’s “manmade-global-warming” claims. See here. But …

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Jul 19

Martin Armstrong: Government Research Grants go only to “Scientists” Who Produce Results the Government Likes.

The economist Martin Armstrong writes that a few years ago he was offered an opportunity to do a federal research project for substantial grant money. When I was called upon for research back to form the G5 and then wrote the White House warning that manipulating the dollar down would create volatility and a crash …

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Feb 25

Beware of Government-Funded Attacks on Privately-Funded Science

The government-worshipping website is reporting that certain manmade-global-warming-skeptical scientists who have testified before committees of Congress regarding the (non)threat of manmade climate change are now under investigation by the government for being nongovernmentally funded. As most Lysander Spooner University students know, the vast majority of what passes for scientific research in the area of …

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