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Jul 29

Democratic convention crowd chants ‘no more war’ at former CIA director Leon Panetta

Both of America’s government-supremacist parties have been led by overt warmongers for decades. The recent release of previously secret emails between high-level Democrats reveals that the Democratic Party rigged the Democratic Primaries to install yet another warmonger (Hillary Clinton) as the Party’s presidential nominee. Also, at this week’s Democratic National Convention, the Democrats gave a …

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Jul 24

Secret emails among high-level Democrats reveal them rigging their primary system

Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks (who is currently trapped in London’s Ecuadoran Embassy) recently released some secret emails by high level Democratic Party officials, including Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. A hacker reportedly obtained the emails and posted them to Wikileaks. The emails show DNC chairwoman Schultz and other DNC officials and …

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Feb 24

Government launches major campaign to promote its surveillance agenda; accuses Apple of using the issue as a marketing strategy

The Justice Department has embarked on a national advertising campaign to drum up public support for forcing the makers of the iPhone to unlock the device used by alleged San Bernardino killers. It seems that FBI agents themselves are to blame for the locked-up iPhone. They bunglingly reset the password while trying to hack into …

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Feb 21

Top-Spending Republican Candidate Flops at Polls

The SuperPAC supporting Jeb Bush for the Republican presidential nomination blew through $116 million and came up empty. See here. Bush’s collapse proves yet again that “unlimited” money to spend on campaign ads does not “buy” elections. The frontrunner, Donald Trump, has barely spent ten percent of this massive sum.

Feb 01

Montana Government’s Political Witch Hunts are now Attracting National Attention.

Every claim of “campaign finance reformers” is false. Every single claim. For-profit corporations actually contribute almost nothing to political campaigns. Common law rules of corporate governance (i.e., the rule that corporations must seek profits as their primary interest) prohibit for-profit corporations from wasting money on politics. (And shareholders could sue them if they did waste …

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Jan 27

Bozeman Chronicle Finally Produces Evidence of Montana’s “Dark Money” “Corruption”: Politicians May have Approved of Volunteer Efforts Which Political Police Liken to ‘Contributions’ (!)

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle is, arguably, Montana’s most extreme pro-government publication. For years, the newspaper has poured out steady support for government control over political messaging under the auspices of campaign-finance regulation. (‘The private sector must never defend itself from regulation!’) It is rare that one reads the word “shadowy” outside the editorial pages of …

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Jan 20

Bozeman Chronicle Prints Headline Suggesting that “Coordinating” One’s Campaign with a Nonprofit Group is “Corruption”

The First Amendment protects political speech above all other forms of speech. But in Montana, there is a powerful movement of pro-government voices (not the least of which are the major newspapers) who support ever-more government control over political speech under the guise of “campaign finance regulation.” Montana politicians have been investigated by the government …

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Jan 13

More shocking revelations from Wisconsin’s political police state

The public is largely oblivious to one of the biggest scandals in recent American political history. A tale that includes midnight raids by SWAT teams, machine guns brandished in the middle of the night, secret wiretaps of internet traffic, gag orders and secret evidence–aimed at suppressing inconvenient political movements. See here. And here. As many …

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Jan 06

Americans say government is their biggest problem again

Gallup has been asking people about the biggest threat to their lives and livelihoods every month for some time. For the past two years, a vast majority have said they view government as their greatest problem. See here. When Gallup asked Americans what troubles them most and is the chief threat to our way of …

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Dec 26

New Poll: Vast Majority of Americans view Big Government as their Greatest Threat

Gallup polling has just found that a supermajority of voters, 69 percent, view big government as the biggest threat in the future. Amazingly, even a majority of Democrats agree that big government is the greatest threat. Only a tiny extremist minority (25 percent) view big business as the greatest threat. See here.

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