Government subsidies to help the poor actually harm the poor by causing prices to rise

The above chart was generated by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and published on It shows the overall price changes of certain products between 1997 and 2017. As you can see, government-subsidized goods (college tuition and books and medical treatment) have increased at rates much higher than inflation. Meanwhile, ‘tech’ products such as TVs, […]

D.C. Daycare Operators Now Required to Have College Degrees

The District of Columbia has decreed that the directors of any licensed “Child Development Centers” — or day care — must have a “Bachelor of Arts (BA) in early childhood education or a BA with at least 15 semester credit hours in early childhood by Dec. 2022.” The regs also mandate that “teachers” possess at […]

Health Care Costs to Increase an AVERAGE of 11 Percent Next Year

Health care and higher education have much in common in modern America. Both are promoted as “rights” by government trusters. And government has promoted programs to “help” the poor obtain their products and services by subsidizing such goods with taxpayer inputs. Both industries have seen annual price increases higher than the rate of inflation for […]

Pro-Government Professors Intimidate Reporters at University of Missouri

Every time one walks onto a typical government-supported college campus, he enters a world of less freedom, more intimidation, and higher costs. Parking is entirely free almost everywhere in Montana or Wyoming. Except on government college campuses. The entirety of government funding of higher education is based on a notion that such funding helps “the […]

Fake Science: The Majority of Experiments by Government-Supported University Psychologists Cannot Be Replicated

Most government-supported universities are dens of pro-government sentiment masquerading as social science. Government “research” funding supports thousands of university psychologists who churn out studies that–unsurprisingly–support various socialist and pro-government theories and expansive welfare-state economics. Pro-government voices in academia are becoming increasingly shrill. Witness some of the hysteria surrounding the government’s “manmade-global-warming” claims. See here. But […]

New Study: For Every New Dollar a College Receives in Student Loans, a College Raises its Tuition by 65 Cents

We all know that the Federal Student Loan Program has driven up college tuition costs because the Program subsidizes artificial demand. Now a New York Fed study has found that: for every new dollar a college receives in Direct Subsidized Loans, a school raises its price by 65 cents. For every dollar in Pell Grants, […]