Kuwait becomes first country to mandate government DNA registry for all subjects

The endless quest by governments to monitor, surveil and control all human life and activity continues. It went mostly unnoticed 10 years ago when the U.S. Congress enacted a “Real ID” law requiring that every state impose some form of biometric identifier in its driver-licensing. There was a minor popular backlash in state legislatures; then […]

Long-term artificially-low interest rates are causing lower productivity across Europe

In a previous post, we alerted readers to a recent report that worldwide central banking has kept interest rates so artificially low for so long that “experts” now doubt whether central bankers can “fix” any future financial crisis. The Telegraph story is here. The same report also warned that these artificially low interest rates have […]

NSA Secretly Expands Its Powers Without Authorization–Again!

The New York Times is reporting today that the TSA has once again expanded its spying on Americans’ internet and email communications, despite the lapsing of the USA Patriot Act and a total lack of congressional authorization. The new spying apparently does have the approval of President Obama, who campaigned in 2008 that he would […]

Government Beginning to Extend “Border” Checkpoints Deep Inside the Internal United States.

Startling news from upstate New York. Federal Border Patrol agents have begun setting up travel checkpoints deeper and deeper into the United States, and aggressively interrogating American travelers. According to the Watertown (New York) Daily Times, federal agents are routinely interrogating drivers on internal roadways and even demanding to search vehicles without reasonable suspicion. And […]

This is What Happens When Governments Fail: Greece Begins Confiscating Cash Held in Local City Bank Accounts.

Over time, almost every government comes for all money, all freedom, all property, and to kill all who resist. Today’s Greek government is a case in point: for years, Greek politicians have overspent, expanded their jurisdiction, expanded regulations and raised taxes. Now the country is so deep in debt that the central bankers of the […]

Federal Government Making Plans For Major Takeover of Internet

A dozen sources indicate that our “masters” in government in Washington are preparing to launch a major push for so-called “net neutrality” policies to regulate the internet. This socialist model will spread the stink and stain of government over the internet in a manner similar to the way governments have long controlled utilities. If adopted, […]

Edward Snowden Reveals that NSA’s Surveillance Is Now Harming the American Economy by an Amount Larger than the NSA’s Budget

Exiled U.S. surveillance whistleblower Edward Snowden recently spoke to an audience at Harvard University, via videofeed from Russia. The occasion was the Harvard Institute for Applied Computational Science’s “Data Privacy Symposium” on January 23, 2015. Professor Bruce Schneier joined Snowden for an enlightening discussion. Snowden pointed to published media reports showing that the NSA is […]

The Data in in: Government Banking Regulations Help Big Banks, Harm Small Banks

Trusters of government often call for more regulations on businesses. Some government trusters believe that regulations dampen the greed and influence of Fortune 500 corporations and other big businesses. Unfortunately for them the data often conflict with this view. Business regulations invariably harm the smallest businesses and the poor while helping big businesses suppress their […]