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Mar 06

Computers are now better at diagnosing cancer than government’s slave plantation healthcare workers

All of the diabolic schemes of the state cannot suppress the human spirit forever. Now that health care is the most overregulated industry in the U.S., computer software is quickly making government-licensed doctors obsolete. There is now computer software which can diagnose cancer faster and more accurately than human, government-licensed, physicians. “At 8 false positives …

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Mar 03

In socialist Venezuela, epileptic seizures go untreated

Socialism is a curse that should be wished only on our enemies. Just 20 years ago the people of Venezuela were the wealthiest and freest in South America. Then the people voted for socialism and more government. Now Venezuelans watch as their friends and neighbors suffer from epileptic fits and seizures without medicine. See here. …

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Nov 02

Life is improving for most people on earth; in spite of governments

Life expectancy, world health, literacy and education, average interior living space, and the cleanliness of environments is gradually improving throughout the world. See here. But this progress has been IN SPITE OF, rather than because of the world’s governments, which have constantly sought to repress and control the world’s subjects. See here.

Oct 15

Socialism Kills: Socialist Haiti lost 500 people to Hurricane Matthew; neighboring Dominican Republic lost 4

Socialist Haiti shares an island with the Capitalist Dominican Republic. One can see the difference between Haiti’s CO2 footprint and the Dominican Republic’s from space at night. Haiti sits in the dark as its people huddle in suffering, burning firewood instead of fossil fuels. Around 500 people died in in Haiti due to Hurricane Matthew. …

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Sep 23

East German socialism caused lower life expectancy than West German capitalism

When the Berlin Wall came down, socialist East Germany was more polluted, poorer and sicker than West Germany. According to David Legates’ “The Experiment: Capitalism versus Socialism,” “State-guaranteed health care in the East did not translate into a healthier society. In 1990, life expectancy in the West was about 3½ years longer than in the …

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Sep 10

Chicago neighborhood discovers the magic of privately-funded police protection

Interesting story out of Chicago, which has suffered under a torrent of violent street crime over the past few years. It seems some private citizens have started paying for private police patrols out of their own pockets. Neighbors are overwhelmingly supportive of the idea, and there are preliminary observations that the crime situation has greatly …

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Aug 19

In Boston, every Uber customer must contribute a nickel to sustain dying government-monopoly taxi industry

The taxicab industry has been so overregulated for so long that it cannot survive any exposure to real-world, market forces. Many states grant monopoly jurisdictions to cab companies and control prices, fares, numbers of drivers, and numbers of cabs. Poor people who want to start a cab company are simply not allowed. In fact, many …

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Jun 23

Hope for humanity: Britain Leaves EU

Lift a glass for self determination! It appears the courageous Brits have chosen to exit the European Union. There is hope!

May 16

Cuban socialism devastated the environment

Reason Magazine’s cartoonist Peter Bagge recently took a 4-day trip to Cuba. (Cuba has recently opened itself somewhat to American tourism.) Bagge reports that Cuba is a filthy island with littered beaches and smoke-filled air. The air pollution is so bad there that Cuba’s weather reports sometimes simply say: “Smoky.” There are rolling blackouts and …

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Apr 16

Venezuelans now don’t have toilet paper, cable TV or cell phone service

Socialism is something that should only be wished on one’s enemies. For years, Venezuelans have voted for overt socialists. It all seemed great at first. “Free” health care, education, food, shelter, clothing, etc. The government ‘paid’ for everything with abundant oil. But now oil prices have hit rock bottom and the Venezuelan government owes its …

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