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Jun 23

Hope for humanity: Britain Leaves EU

Lift a glass for self determination! It appears the courageous Brits have chosen to exit the European Union. There is hope!

May 16

Cuban socialism devastated the environment

Reason Magazine’s cartoonist Peter Bagge recently took a 4-day trip to Cuba. (Cuba has recently opened itself somewhat to American tourism.) Bagge reports that Cuba is a filthy island with littered beaches and smoke-filled air. The air pollution is so bad there that Cuba’s weather reports sometimes simply say: “Smoky.” There are rolling blackouts and …

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Apr 16

Venezuelans now don’t have toilet paper, cable TV or cell phone service

Socialism is something that should only be wished on one’s enemies. For years, Venezuelans have voted for overt socialists. It all seemed great at first. “Free” health care, education, food, shelter, clothing, etc. The government ‘paid’ for everything with abundant oil. But now oil prices have hit rock bottom and the Venezuelan government owes its …

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Apr 01

U.S. Postal Service has every advantage; yet still loses a billion dollars annually

Government sucks at almost everything. Its “goods and services” cost more and are of lower quality despite the fact that the government enjoys every possible advantage in the marketplace. Consider the U.S. Postal Service. It has been losing a billion dollars annually for years. Yet “it enjoys a range of government-conferred benefits. It has monopolies …

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Feb 28

The U.S. has now gone 10 consecutive years in which GDP growth never rose above 3 percent

China, India and other countries have seen their annual GDP numbers grow by 6 to 8 to 10 percent annually. Much of the world has embraced increasing freedom, commerce and capitalism. Life expectancies have grown, and people are living healthier and happier all over the world. But not in the United States. A period of …

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Feb 24

Bejing now houses more billionaires than does New York City

For much of two centuries, the United States was the global flagship of capitalism and free enterprise. New York City, with its New York Stock Exchange, and its large investment banks, was the world capitol of commerce. The buildings on the Manhattan skyline–the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building (built mostly by the investors of …

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Feb 09

Record number of Americans retiring abroad

At least 375,000 retired Americans are now receiving their Social Security checks overseas. See here. Many countries are now freer than the U.S., and their costs of living are much lower. While U.S. programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare have driven health care prices higher and higher, medical treatments of the highest quality can …

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Feb 08

Two Lost Decades for the banking industry

Almost all business regulation harms the poor and small businesses and helps the biggest industry leaders. And in the big picture, even the good ol’ boys are harmed. Look at the above graph (courtesy of CNBC, see here). It shows that the overall value of the banking industry is about the same as it was …

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Jan 26

After government poisoned Flint, private companies donate clean water. Government trusters complain that this “sends the wrong message.”

Government officials purportedly “in charge” of Flint, Michigan ran the City into the ground after decades of corruption. Then the government secretly exposed the people of Flint to polluted, lead-contaminated drinking water. Yet those who trust and worship intrusive, expansive government are now complaining that Wal-Mart, Pepsi, Nestle, and Coca-Cola are offering to provide free …

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Jan 22

“Alternative Energy”: California government to charge taxpayers millions to build electric-car charging stations

There seems to be a religious hatred among government trusters against fossil-fuel suppliers. A loathing almost as irrational as the unshakeable, almost hypersexual, love of self-styled “conservatives” for men in government uniforms. Even as petroleum products have been made cheaper and cheaper by private sector innovators, the government of California is poised to forcibly take …

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