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  2. Majority of Californians hope to leave California — February 14, 2019
  3. How do government “climate scientists” spread the message of climate change? With deception and concealment of data — February 14, 2019
  4. News “fact-checkers” are often just “liberal” rebuttals of “conservative” statements — February 10, 2019
  5. Polar bears multiply, invade Russian town; media blame ‘melting ice’ (in the dead of winter) — February 9, 2019

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Feb 02

Venezuelan death squads have killed over 500

Just 50 years ago, Venezuela was one of the 6 wealthiest countries on earth. Its people enjoyed the highest standard of living in Latin America. Then around 2000, Venezuelans began voting for socialism. Now millions have fled the socialist hellhole. Hundreds of thousands have died of hunger and disease. New York Times reports that Venezuelan …

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Feb 02

McClatchy Newspapers announces 500 job cuts

McClatchy has been an organ of government deception and propaganda for years The McClatchy newspaper chain, which owns the Miami Herald and many other government-supporting newspapers, continues to lose subscribers and influence. This week the newspaper chain announced it is cutting 500 jobs–ten percent of its workforce. The chain has pushed socialism, taxes, and government …

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Feb 02

Wall Street Journal publishes article on federal employees “considering leaving government work”; can’t identify A SINGLE employee who actually left

During the recent federal “government shutdown,” hundreds of news stories reported on the tearful plight of federal “workers” who were temporarily laid off. Hundreds of good samaritans, charities and businesses offered free goodies and giveaways to the furloughed government workers. Many municipalities, school districts, and universities held job fairs specifically aimed at getting alternative jobs …

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Jan 29

The next Paris will be Australia: voters’ patience with “climate change” impositions is wearing thin

CENTRAL PLANNERS WORLDWIDE WERE STARTLED weeks ago when the voters of France descended onto Paris streets wearing government-mandated yellow vests in a massive protest against the French government’s numerous carbon taxes enacted (supposedly) to “fight” manmade global warming. The yellow vest protests brought the French government to its knees. French president Macron was forced to …

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Jan 24

“Mainstream” journalism sheds another thousand jobs

With the rise of credible “alternative” news sources, consumers will no longer pay for pro-government “mainstream” “news” content. Yesterday, Verizon Media announced cost-cutting efforts at a wide variety of its media holdings. Buzzfeed, Gannett, AOL, Yahoo, HuffPost and other “mainstream” (meaning government supported and supporting) all laid off employees. See here. On a related note, …

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Jan 24

Newsweek published a climate change article saying certain Mexican glaciers had disappeared; it failed to mention that the disappearance was caused by volcanic eruptions.

Global warming alarmists routinely predict that permanent ice and snow in the Arctic and Antarctic will soon disappear. But before Climate Change makes the glaciers near the poles disappear, it must first melt the glaciers in the tropics. Yes, there are actually many glaciers and permanent snowfields in the mountain ranges between the Tropic of …

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Jan 21

Nicaragua’s most famous journalist flees to Costa Rica

Nicaragua’s socialist government has been terrorizing newspaper and TV reporters for the past two years. Armed raids of news stations has become a fixture of life in Nicaragua. Now even Carlos Fernando Chamorro–the most famed reporter in the country, and an heir to the prominent conservative family which formerly ruled the country–has gone into exile …

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Jan 16

Now the French government is firing LIVE ROUNDS at carbon tax protesters

Governments are prepared to shoot to kill in order to impose carbon taxes on resisting populations. Government elites are quite unsettled over the ongoing Paris yellow-vest protests against the “global warming” carbon taxes. Word is out that thousands of jobs at Land Rover and Porsche–preferred car makes for government ministers–may be threatened by the public’s …

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Jan 14

London’s Independent newspaper has scrubbed its most downloaded article in its history–“Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past”

“Climate science” is an area of relentlessly shifting claims, predictions, and threats. Hundreds of bizarre, apocalyptic claims have been made by governments and government-supported scientists pursuing the catastrophic-manmade-global-warming-by-CO2 theory. Now the innovative journalist James Delingpole reports that the most ludicrous “news” article in the history of London’s Independent newspaper–the March 2000 article with the headline …

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Jan 12


January 1, 2019. Mexico City. Lysander Spooner University is the world’s foremost institution of higher learning investigating pan-governmental claim that manmade-global-warming-by-carbon-dioxide is destroying the Earth’s ecosystems. Trillions of dollars have been spent by governments and government-supporting NGOs to promote worldwide fear that the earth is experiencing or will soon experience environmental collapse due to the …

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