Mar 20

Idaho CPS agents take baby from parents after mom misses a single doctor visit

America has become a land of medical kidnappings and child trafficking by government “health” workers. Today it is common for government agents to take babies and toddlers from families if authorities notice crayon scribbling on a wall, messy or dirty bedrooms, refrigerators with too little (or too much) food, or untidy organization of toys, clothes or other household items.

One of the most common ways for parents to lose their children to the state occurs when parents fail to obey or follow suggestions by medical authorities.

Last week, a 10-month-old boy in Meridian, Idaho, “Baby Cyrus,” was taken by police and CPS workers after Cyrus’ mom canceled a single doctor visit. (Baby Cyrus had been slightly underweight, which had prompted the mother to seek medical advice days earlier.)

After protestors arrived at the CPS office by the dozens, authorities surrendered Baby Cyrus back to the parents.