Can the 1st Amendment Survive? America’s legal profession is rapidly embracing support for censorship

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A Boston College Law School professor recently asked his students (in a constitutional law class): “Who does not think we should scrap the constitution?” Not a single person raised their hand.

We at Lysander Spooner University are very cognizant of critiques of the U.S. Constitution. Spooner famously authored one of history’s greatest essays, “The Constitution of No Authority,” which pointed out that no one should ever be bound by a document he didn’t sign himself.

But a recent essay by Aaron Sibarium highlights the increasing “left” or “woke” orientation of today’s law students. They do not detest the Constitution because it wasn’t signed by the current generation; they despise it because it was authored by white males and emphasizes such ‘white supremacist’ notions as property rights and (some) individual liberties. (The big-government portions of the Constitution appear to be the only parts that modern law students WOULD embrace.)

Sibarium’s detailed report, “The Takeover of America’s Legal System,” documents the increasingly Marxist, totalitarian orientation of current law students–and their professors.

Thomas Sowell has remarked that modern students can attend school from kindergarten to graduate school without ever hearing a single anti-government lecture. Today’s higher (and lower) education institutions teach a constant curriculum of pro-government, pro-socialist ideology.

Law students who do not embrace the new leftism face “social death” among their peers. Conservative or libertarian speakers at modern law schools are now shouted down at some schools–including Yale Law School. The American Bar Association now REQUIRES accredited law schools to teach critical race theory and other pro-government theories.

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