Hong Kong—once a beacon of freedom—is now a land of newsroom raids and arrests of journalists

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Pro-government journalism may be the easiest professions in the world. Anti-government journalism is one of the most dangerous professions in the world. Last week in Hong Kong, police raided the headquarters of vocal website Stand News and arrested at least six, including current and former editors and board members.

Charges include conspiracy to publish a seditious publication. Over 200 officers participated. “Hours into the day the news website was no longer being updated, nor its active social media pages. Stand News’ HK$61 million in assets have been frozen and all employees dismissed.”

“It appears to be part of a new crackdown wave against opposition Honk Kong media, following the June 2021 shuttering of the Apple Daily newspaper in a similar massive police raid which saw its publisher Jimmy Lai and top editors arrested, as HK authorities continue forcing the public firmly in line with “pro-China” policies.”

Ronson Chan, chair of the Hong Kong Journalists Association, was also taken away for questioning. After his release, Chan said that all his credentials and press pass, including all electronic devises and even bank cards were seized.

Police described Stand News as having “stirred up hatred or contempt for the government and judiciary.”

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