“Infrastructure” bill will include massive government support for pro-government “journalism”

For years, so-called mainstream (government supporting, government supported) newsrooms have been losing viewers, readers, followers and ad revenue. Americans just won’t pay to view pro-government propaganda. Alternative news sources have grown to dwarf the “legacy” news sources. Alex Jones’ Infowars network of independent news was Youtube’s BIGGEST channel until Youtube permanently banned Infowars content. Alternative […]

Britain’s “scientific advisers” are not allowed to report good pandemic outcomes!

Britain’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) was created to supposedly “provide scientific and technical advice to support government decision makers during emergencies.” SAGE is routinely quoted in news reports about the dangers and deadliness of SARS-Covi-1. But Zero Hedge recently uncovered startling admissions by SAGE directors: they have been enlisted only to provide scary […]

Alex Berenson was banned from social media for saying COVID vaxx injuries were 50 times greater than flu vaxx injuries. The figure is now 88 times!

Alex Berenson was banned from social media for saying COVID vaxx injuries were 50 times greater than flu vaxx injuries. The figure is now 88 times! Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google and Facebook all impose mass censorship of anti-government opinions and information. There is increasing evidence that this pro-government censorship agenda is secretly paid for or […]

Wikipedia is not just editing its content to make it more pro-government. Now the site is removing links to anything critical of government.

Wikipedia was launched over a decade ago as an open-source online encyclopedia of information. It frequently comes up high on the first page of any search engine results for any search. Citizen editors produce much of its content but are banned from editing certain entries dealing with politics, government or other topics the government views […]

More evidence that social media censorship is paid and promoted by the government

PJ Media reports that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas “is working with the social media giants to combat “misinformation,” which all too often recently has come to mean “dissent from the establishment political and media line.” What about the First Amendment? They’re working on ways to get around it.” Brad Stone, senior executive editor for […]

In 2017 the US government provided six projections for sea level rise due to climate change. Seas are already rising at rates BELOW the lowest scenario projection.

“The Battery,” New York is the fortress-like edifice at the very tip of southern Manhattan. It has a nice small park, walking distance from Wall Street and other sites in Lower Manhattan. Scientists and agencies have kept exact measures of sea levels at The Battery for over a century. For years, sea levels at the […]

New Zealand government launches fund to pay for pro-government journalism

Every government seeks to reward pro-government journalists and to punish anti-government journalists. Pro-government journalism may be the safest and most-rewarding profession in the world; anti-government journalism may be the most dangerous profession in the world. Now the government of New Zealand is launching a fund to pay pro-government journalists. They say this is to combat […]

Australia’s Howard Springs concentration camp houses many nonsick refusers and dissidents without due process, despite government claims it is a voluntary camp for travelers

The Howard Springs Quarantine Facility in Darwin, Australia was claimed by the government to be a site for international travelers to voluntarily self-isolate. But there is increasing evidence the facility is an internment camp for vaxx refusers, critics and dissidents. And nothing about the Howard Springs facility appears to be voluntary. Three young men recently […]

90% of patients in one regional New York Hospital are double vaxxed–in a community that is only 50% vaxxed

Some months ago, Deborah Conrad, a physician assistant in a regional New York hospital, convinced her hospital to carefully track the Covid-19 vaccination status of every patient admitted to her hospital. The results were shocking. Although her hospital serves a community where fewer than 50% were vaccinated for Covid-19, during the same time period, approximately […]

Americans are fleeing high-tax states in droves; taking billion$ with them

Socialism, regulations and high taxes are driving millions of Americans to relocate to lower tax states. The IRS’s tax migration data shows there were 8 million migrant tax returns representing about 14 million total people who moved in 2018-2019. The five states that lost the most taxpayers are New York, California, Illinois, New Jersey, and […]