Oct 30

Greenwald: the CIA and Deep State are now heroes of the liberal left

Glenn Greenwald, the iconic civil liberties lawyer, writer and journalist, was on Tucker Carlson last night to explain his recent resignation from The Intercept–the news organization he helped found in 2013 to be an outlet for free thought and exploration of news and ideas.

Greenwald told Carlson that “For a long time on the left there was healthy skepticism of the CIA.” Indeed, says Greenwald, throughout the Bush and Chaney years the left opposed the CIA’s surveillance and manipulation of the American people.

But that all changed when Donald J. Trump became president. “Trump questioned just a few of [the CIA’s] pieties”–which marked Trump as a Enemy #1 of the deep state.

Today, according to Greenwald, “The CIA and Deep State operatives are heroes of the liberal left.”
Modern Democrats are “in full union with the neocons, the Bush/Chaney operatives, the CIA, Silcon Valley and Wall Street.”