Aug 27

Global trend: anti-government protests are banned; pro-government protests are welcomed

The government of Berlin, Germany announced days ago that protests against government coronavirus decrees and commands are now banned. Protests IN FAVOR of such impositions, of course, are quite welcome.

Theason? Public health (of course). “The interior minister, Andreas Geisel, said the ban was prompted by coronavirus skeptics “deliberately” breaking hygiene safety rules agreed with police during a previous mass Berlin event on August 1. Many attendants did not wear face masks or seek to uphold social distancing measures as requested.

Berlin would not allow itself to be misused for a second time as a backdrop for “coronavirus deniers . . .,” said Geisel.

This situation is shared in the United States where violent, even deadly, protests in favor of bigger government, socialism and government-empowered wealth redistribution are welcomed by authorities while large demonstrations against government covid orders are strictly forbidden.

In some cases, the pro-government “social justice” demonstrations cause millions of dollars of property destruction and even death. Yet government authorities from Seattle to Minneapolis welcome and even cheer the demonstrations.