Facebook “Fact Check” claims coronavirus death rate is false–ignoring science and CDC reports and citing some quotes from Fouci

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With few exceptions, social media “fact checkers” are used by major media platforms to replace inconvenient (to government) facts with pro-government talking points.

Now Facebook is attaching a “misleading” stamp on posts that point out that the coronavirus death rate is in the range of tenths of 1% or lower.

The “fact checkers” claim “The exact mortality rate of COVID-19 in the United States isn’t yet known. Outcomes depend on many factors, from the level of strain on the health care system to an infected person’s health history and age.”

But of course those variables are already factored into death rates as found by such institutions as Stanford University and Wake Forest University.

Both universities, researching coronavirus antibodies in populations thousands of miles from each other, found that the coronavirus death rate is around 1/10th of 1%–essentially the same as the common flu.

The Stanford research found that for people of normal health under 70, the death rate is around 4/100ths of 1%.

Two months after Stanford released its findings, the CDC reluctantly admitted that the findings were correct and coronavirus mortality rates are similar to flu in all age groups.

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