May 30

Governments are padding coronavirus deaths massively

On May 24 the New York Times published a massive front page article, “U.S. DEATHS NEAR 100,000; AN INCALCULABLE LOSS.” It supposedly listed names of people who have died from COVID-19. The 6th name on the list was a murder victim whose funeral suffered from restrictions due to the COVID-19 panic.

The Seattle Times recently ran an article about coronavirus death totals in the State of Washington. Buried in the article is info that “About five cases involved COVID-positive people whose deaths involved gunshot wounds.”

A man in Cortez, Colorado named Sebastian Yellow died of alcohol poisoning in a city park on May 4. His death is now officially counted as a coronavirus death.


Several prominent doctors have blown the whistle on practices at some U.S. hospitals whereby officials categorize many deaths as COVID-19 deaths which were not caused by the virus. Dr. Annie Bukacek, a Montana physician who has signed death certificates for 30 years, recently said that medical directors throughout her region are pressuring doctors to write ‘coronavirus’ on death certificates–even without testing and without sufficient evidence. A directive by the Division of Vital Statistics for the National Center for Health Statistics, titled “COVID-19 Alert No. 2,” directs doctors to write COVID-19 as an underlying cause of death wherever it might be assumed, even without testing.

Hospitals are incentivized to increase their stated COVID death tolls by Medicare reimbursements of $39,000 for every proclaimed COVID death. Many hospitals and nursing homes were desperate for cash when governors forced them to close their doors to much non-COVID-related care.

Similar claims have also been made by Senator Dr. Scott Jensen from Minnesota who said Hospitals are getting paid more to list patients as COVID-19.

A viral video by two Bakersfield, California physicians, Drs. Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi, also indicated that U.S. doctors are being pressured to write COVID on death certificates. The video was seen by 4 million people in late April but is now banned by Youtube. A search for the video on Google generates a list of pro-government sites criticizing the now-elusive video.

In late April, a Project Veritas reporter spoke with Michael Lanza, director of Staten Island’s Colonial Funeral Home. “To be honest with you,” said Lanza, “all of the death certificates are writing COVID on it, they’re writing COVID on all the death certificates. Whether they had a positive test or didn’t.”

Joseph Antioco, the director of Brooklyn’s Schaeffer Funeral Home, told another undercover journalist that “They’re putting everything as COVID-19, so they’re padding the numbers.” “Two weeks ago, I had a 40-year-old man that died in his house, okay? They didn’t even go to the house,” but nonetheless wrote up his death as a COVID death based on claims the deceased had a fever.