Democrats have almost never trusted media more; Republicans have almost never trusted media less

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Major media institutions such as the New York Times, ABC, CBS and NBC have pushed a steady stream of pro-government and pro-socialist messaging in recent years. (And numerous investigations have found that these media institutions are often secretly government-funded.)

Now a shocking new Gallup poll shows that just 13% of Americans say they trust the media “a great deal,” and 28% “a fair amount.” In 1976, 72% of Americans said they trusted the media either a great deal or a fair amount.

Today, 28% say they have no trust at all in the media.

Among the most interesting findings of the poll is the growing split between people who identify as Republicans and those who identify as Democrats.

Just 15% of Republicans have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media, while an astounding 69% of Democrats trust the media. See here.

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