There are only ten weather stations in the Southern Hemisphere that have temp records from the 1800s; none of them show a warming trend

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Whenever someone claims to know the GLOBAL temperature for a given year (or date) in the past, be mindful that such a feat of knowledge is highly unlikely. This is especially true for dates in the distant past.

Worldwide there are only 116 thermometer stations with unadjusted temp datasets that go all the way back to January 1880. And most of them are located in USA and Europe.

For the rest of the world there are almost no long-lasting temp records. (And remember that three-fourths of the globe’s surface consists of ocean.)

Significantly, there are less than a dozen of these stations located in the entire southern hemisphere.

4 of 7 Australia charts show cooling. (The other 3 show no trend).

The lone thermometer station in all of Africa (at Capetown) shows no warming trend.

And South America has only one unadjusted dataset going back to 1880, located at Bahia Blanca, Argentina. That dataset also shows no warming since 1880.

See here.

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