Aug 06

Governments worldwide erupt in orgies of violence against their own subjects

Indonesia: Undercover religious/government cops are roving the landscape searching for minor violations of Sharia-like moral codes.

Hundreds of Indonesians have been arrested, imprisoned and publicly flogged and whipped for appearing affectionate to the opposite sex. Both men and women have been whipped for smooching or holding hands.

In case anyone wonders what happens to those who disagree when socialists take over a society, Venezuelan death troops have now massacred many thousands of dissidents.

Millions more have fled the starving socialist hellhole for neighboring countries.

Perhaps a million more have died of hunger, disease and starvation.

In Russia, a thousand anti-government protesters have been violently jailed.

In the United States, police forces have killed about a thousand citizens annually for a decade. Many videos capturing these homicides are uploaded to Youtube. Some police forces have been captured on video raping citizens on the sides of highways after police claim to smell drugs.

Still, almost nowhere have police budgets or authority been cut—even where lawmakers have been elected promising to limit government.