Piles of stolen mail found in deceased U.S. postal worker’s storage locker

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Another U.S. Postal worker has been found to have stolen mountains of mail. The U.S. Postal Service maintains an unconstitutional monopoly over 1st class letter delivery; and the “Service” protects its monopoly with brutal tactics.

The USPS enjoys every possible advantage in the market. It pays no corporate, property, or income tax. It owns some of the most prestigious real estate in the world. It charges more than twice what any private firm would charge for the same services. It maintains massive surveillance files on its unknowing customers.

Yet the USPS loses about $5 billion annually. It grossly overpays its employees, and thousands apply for every announced job opening.

Now, investigators in Hawaii have discovered that a deceased Postal worker kept a private storage locker filled with stolen first-class mail.

In 1844, the U.S Government violently destroyed the private mail company of this University’s namesake, Lysander Spooner. Spooner’s mail company provided cheaper, better postage services than the U.S. Postal Service, and the USPS responded to the competition by arresting Spooner’s deliverymen and banning them from railroads.

Heavily-armed federal tactical teams ultimately raided Spooner’s mail offices and shut down Spooner’s operation.

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