Images destined to join other icons of the climate doomsday scam

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Last month, almost every major newspaper in the world published photos of Greenland sled dogs skating through ankle-deep water atop Greenland’s supposedly-disappearing ice sheet.

Some journalists were almost apoplectic in their accompanying stories: CNN wrote that “The incredible photo . . . quickly went viral, destined to join pictures of starving polar bears, shrunken glaciers, stranded walruses and lakes turned bone dry in the pantheon of evidence of our ongoing climate catastrophe.”

But now the Danish scientists who took the photos explain that the photos show nothing unusual about Greenland’s ice conditions. Similar photos have been taken over many generations.

Ironically, the image reveals the resiliency of sea ice around Greenland, which is as much as FOUR FEET THICK below the meltwater.

In general, ice in the Arctic has been GROWING FOR A DECADE. See here. And ice in the Antarctic is near all-time record highs.

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