Wall Street Journal publishes article on federal employees “considering leaving government work”; can’t identify A SINGLE employee who actually left

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During the recent federal “government shutdown,” hundreds of news stories reported on the tearful plight of federal “workers” who were temporarily laid off.

Hundreds of good samaritans, charities and businesses offered free goodies and giveaways to the furloughed government workers. Many municipalities, school districts, and universities held job fairs specifically aimed at getting alternative jobs to laid-off federal employees.

Now, a week after the “shutdown” ended (and all the furloughed employees are getting huge backpay checks), the Wall Street Journal has published a news story entitled: “During Shutdown, Federal Employees Considered Leaving Government Work.” The subtitle: “Budget fight and resulting worker furloughs touched off wave of searches on job websites.”

The news story painstakingly detailed results of “surveys” of government workers indicating they “considered” leaving government work.

But the article COULD NOT IDENTIFY A SINGLE federal employee who actually took another job instead of returning to the government after the “shutdown” ended.

Federal workers are generally paid two- to three times what they would make for the same work in the private sector. Their benefit packages include weeks of paid vacation annually and extravagant health and retirement benefits.

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