War on whistleblowers: federal agents pound on door of whistleblower and try to silence him DURING LIVE CBS INTERVIEW

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Every government seeks the same powers: to obtain and control all property and all freedom, to require ‘transparancy’ from all subjects so that subjects may keep no secrets from government and must lay naked before the state (while concealing the inner workings of government from any public scrutiny), and to cage or kill all who resist.

Here is a story of a CBS reporter doing a live interview with an I.C.E. whistleblower who was revealing that I.C.E.–and not the Oakland mayor–gave the order for I.C.E. to stop immigration enforcement in Oakland earlier this year. (Apparently, the higher-ups in the Department of Homeland Security–fearing political repurcussions, or perhaps retribution by the President–wanted all ‘blame’ placed on the mayor and not their own agency.)

During the midst of the CBS interview, high-ranking federal officials pounded on the whistleblower’s door to try to stop the interview. See here.

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