Jun 24

Glenn Beck’s media empire crumbles

Pro-government “Conservative” Glenn Beck’s multimedia empire The Blaze “appears to be on its last legs after another round of layoffs,” according to The Daily Beast.

TheBlaze once generated a reported $90 million in revenue annually, but has been in a slow motion implosion over the past several years. Top-level managerial shakeups, seemingly ceaseless layoffs, and office closures have depleted morale, tanked the site’s web traffic, and caused cable distributors to jump ship.and after a prospective high-profile buyer lost interest.

Beck now reportedly has fewer than 30 employees.

Beck’s content is widely thought to be CIA-generated. The “mainstream” (government supporting and supported) media sometimes describes Beck as edgy or pushing ‘conspiracy theories.’ But Beck’s edgy ‘conspiracy theories’ are those wholly approved by the deep state and the military-industrial complex. Beck paints a preposterous picture of American policy being secretly driven by Muslims (a fake narrative pushed by the Neocon establishment), but refuses to embrace any suggestion that the government has lied about the events of 9/11.

Beck loudly decried the 2014 standoff between Bundy supporters and the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada, saying the American people should never have made demands on government authorities to leave the area.

Beck sometimes describes himself as libertarian, yet constantly pushes a pro-police, pro-military expansion agenda. Beck initially supported the banker bailouts of 2008 but then switched gears after it became clear the American people opposed the bailouts by wide margins.

Beck is suffering the same fate as pro-government media everywhere. The public simply won’t tune in to hear worn out demands that Americans must always trust the state.