Jan 01

There is increasing evidence that Google, Facebook and Twitter are censoring climate skepticism and colluding with each other in doing so

During the final years of the Obama Administration, executives at Google, Facebook and Twitter were regularly meeting with Obama in the White House.

Not long after, all 3 internet giants (which together rake in more than 85% of all online ad revenue) began promoting the “net neutrality” concept for a government takeover of the internet, as well as the government’s “fake news” meme.

In the past year, all 3 internet dominators launched initiatives to weed out supposedly “fake news”–based on a notion first announced by the CIA-funded Washington Post that “the Russians” were spreading fake news in U.S. media.

Now we see that these pro-government corporations regard any skepticism of the government’s apocalyptic-manmade-global-warming-by-CO2 claims as “fake news.”

Leo Goldstein of Watts Up With That? has authored an interesting report that suggests the major pro-government internet corporations are now COLLUDING with each other in their censorship decisions regarding “climate change” skepticism.