There is increasing evidence that Google, Facebook and Twitter are censoring climate skepticism and colluding with each other in doing so

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During the final years of the Obama Administration, executives at Google, Facebook and Twitter were regularly meeting with Obama in the White House.

Not long after, all 3 internet giants (which together rake in more than 85% of all online ad revenue) began promoting the “net neutrality” concept for a government takeover of the internet, as well as the government’s “fake news” meme.

In the past year, all 3 internet dominators launched initiatives to weed out supposedly “fake news”–based on a notion first announced by the CIA-funded Washington Post that “the Russians” were spreading fake news in U.S. media.

Now we see that these pro-government corporations regard any skepticism of the government’s apocalyptic-manmade-global-warming-by-CO2 claims as “fake news.”

Leo Goldstein of Watts Up With That? has authored an interesting report that suggests the major pro-government internet corporations are now COLLUDING with each other in their censorship decisions regarding “climate change” skepticism.

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