Dec 07

Government “scientists” caught faking climate data AGAIN: adjustments to sea-level data designed to show accelerating rise

In the academic battle over whether manmade CO2 is causing catastrophic climate change (and over whether people must immediately surrender all rights to governments so that socialism can save the world from fossil fuels), one side has been caught time and time again faking data.

“Skeptics” have been demonized, attacked, assaulted, sued, fired, blacklisted and threatened with execution or imprisonment. While those promoting the governments’ socialistic catastrophic-climate-change-by-manmade-CO2 claims can merely grumble that various courts or legislators sought their data, emails or other correspondence. (Some promoters of the governments’ theory call this “harassment.”)

“Skeptics” have never been shown to fake data or fraudulently adjust measurements. But government-funded scientists have repeatedly been caught adjusting climate data to bolster their theory.

Now there is evidence that “scientists” working for government agencies have been “adjusting” sea-level data to enable them to claim that sea levels are rapidly increasing.

“In every case, [British government scientists in the “Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level” (PSMSL) agency] have revised [sea level data] in order to make them produce a sharp upward trend in sea level rise – despite the fact that global records do not support this.” See here.