Death Threats Fly over Fake News: “Net Neutrality” Strikes Again

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The Ultimate Goal is for Government to Become Everyone’s Web Browser and Home Page

Governments worldwide are seeking to control the internet. In the U.S., the movement is called “Net Neutrality.”

Advocates of “net neutrality” spin fantastical tales of monopolistic corporations pandering to the rich or overcharging the poor for internet access. Of course, such corporations would lose millions if they did so.

But “net neutrality” advocates seek a government control of the internet in the same way that governments monitor and control water, electricity and land-line phone service.

One of the leading advocates of “net neutrality,” Robert McChesney, has privately admitted the goal is to eliminate capitalism entirely and have government become the browser and home page for every American. Even while he publicly claims to advocate “free speech” (!)

Now there is news that one Soros-funded “net neutrality” advocate is threatening to murder a member of Congress and his family for opposing net neutrality. “If you don’t support net neutrality, I will find you and your family and I will kill… you … all,” his recorded phone message said.

The courageous FCC Chairman who is proposing to end the Obama-imposed “net neutrality” program in the Federal Communications Commission has also received multiple death threats. See here.

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