Oct 13

In effort to discredit Trump’s FEMA response in Puerto Rico, Huffington Post unwittingly displays the failure of government disaster relief everywhere

The Huffington Post is typical of government-supporting news media in the Trump era. Because the Post‘s journalists despise Trump, the online news site publishes countless reports regarding Trump’s failings.

Today’s Huffington Post features a story about three volunteer nurses who are doing disaster relief in Puerto Rico in the wake of a recent hurricane. See here.

The story is filled with details of how Trump’s FEMA agency is failing, misreporting facts, and boasting of accomplishments which are actually attributable to others.

The nurses report that FEMA has mostly just posted signs and posters around Puerto Rico which tell people to contact FEMA’s website or phone number. Phone service, internet, and power is mostly disconnected throughout the island.

But the nurses’ report is actually a testament to the power of human ingenuity to overcome disaster in the absence of government assistance. The report speaks of people rigging power and light systems from car generators, of local volunteers providing food and water even to the nurses themselves, and other ways that the people of Puerto Rico are succeeding to beat back the devastation caused by the hurricane.

Why, after all, is FEMA even necessary?