Oct 02

A month ago, Catalonians who supported independence were less than 50 %; now, after Spanish repression and hundreds of injuries, they vote 92% to secede

Catalonia is the wealthiest district of Spain. It has the highest standard of living in the entire country, and Catalonians are more geographically and culturally related to the French.

Just a month ago, most Catalonians disfavored a referendum to secede from Spain.

But weeks of repression by the Spanish government, with thousands of government troops invading the district, widescale state violence and abuse, the destruction of polling places and theft of ballots, and hundreds of beatings and injuries by Spanish government thugs have changed the climate in Catalonia.

Yesterday, in the face of brutal repression by the government, the brave people of Catalonia voted to leave Spain. By 92 percent.

See here. A wikipedia article with extensive details is found here.

The Spanish government in Madrid vows to do everything in its power to crush the independence of Catalonia.