Aug 08

Spanish government (upon orders of Turkish government) arrests journalist for “terrorism”

Every government that ever existed has sought to equate dissent and criticism with terrorism or treason.

Untold thousands of humans have been arrested, subjected to mock trials, and/or executed for saying or writing things which their masters in government did not like.

Throughout European history, thousands were burned at the stake, hanged or tortured for heresy.

English history is replete with examples of pamphleteers who were hanged.

And governments frequently work together to hunt and apprehend dissenters and rogue journalists.

Modern Turkey, under the ‘leadership’ of Erdogan, has imprisoned more than a hundred journalists whose reports were critical of the regime.

Now there is word that Spain (with its own blood-stained history of press repression) has arrested an exiled Turkish journalist upon orders of Turkey. See here.