Aug 13

A whistle blower has come forward with information about N.O.A.A.’s faked temperature “study”

Government-funded “climate science” is a domain of shoddy, politicized research and claims, mostly aimed at helping governments build their cases for demanding more power, money and control.

Here is a recent lecture about the astounding revelations by retiring N.O.A.A. whistleblower Dr. John Bates.

Bates had a 40-year career in meteorology & climate science at NOAA, retiring in 2016. Bates blew the whistle on his colleagues for releasing a study based on manipulated data (which has now been destroyed), just before the UN climate conference in 2015.

The government study helped U.S. President Obama (whose agencies funded the study) promote the climate accords.

According to Bates, the flawed N.O.A.A. study tripled the warming trend in ocean data (and favored ship intake data over buoy measurements) and ignored satellite measurements.