Russian satellites capture U.S. training “ISIS”

U.S. intelligence agencies have been caught repeatedly funding, supplying, and training the very “terrorists” that U.S. taxpayers are then duped into “fighting.” (Of course, almost every other world government has also engaged in such false flag operations.) U.S. neocons and warhawks in government office use the excuse of ‘terrorists’ to justify constant erosions of the […]

United ‘first class’ seats are now mostly reserved for government employees–and higher-level government officials apparently bump lower level government workers to ‘economy’ seating as needed

As private-sector Americans struggle for existence, government officials and workers continue to gain wealth and privilege. Here is a story published in the London Daily Mail (U.S. ‘mainstream’ news outlets have ignored it) about a school teacher who purchased a first-class seat on a United flight. The school teacher was told before the flight that […]

Every claim behind “campaign finance reform” is untrue

In 2010 the Supreme Court decided Citizens United v. FEC, which struck down a small number of “campaign finance” laws–or at least their application–on First Amendment grounds. Trusters of government went into hysterics. They claimed the Supreme Court had ruled that corporations are people, and that the Supreme Court had pronounced that money is speech […]

Veterans Administration violates medical regulations

Regulation kills. For decades, government policymakers at state, local and federal levels have piled regulations onto the medical industry. Combined with government subsidies, these policies have sent health care costs spiraling upward faster than inflation every year for decades. Recently the USA Today reported that even government “health care” operations such as the Veterans Administration […]

Government scientists rage at slight Trump budget cuts

Study after study shows that when government pays for science, that “science” tends to be very expensive, very inefficient, and biased in favor of government. This can be seen in numerous fields including welfare policy, education, health care and climate science. Dr. Roger Roots, the founder of Lysander Spooner University, documented the inefficiency of government-funded […]

U.S. life expectancy declines for second year in a row as government takes larger role in “health care”

Where societies are free, life expectancy grows steadily. Abundance, nutrition and technological advancement drive humans to ever-higher standards of health and wellbeing. But since 1965, the U.S. government has taken an ever-larger role in “health care” and welfare. Now the medical market is more than half socialist. Government slave-plantation health care operations have driven medical […]

Remember all those emails to the FCC just prior to the FCC’s anti-‘net neutrality’ vote? They were mostly fraudulent.

Remember last week in the run-up to the FCC’s vote to overturn the prior FCC’s “net neutrality” takeover of the internet (from 2 years ago)? “Mainstream” (meaning government-approved–and approving) media news reported that the public supported the 2015 government takeover of the internet and opposed the current FCC’s vote to overturn the prior FCC’s vote. […]