Government Trusters Panicking that their Temp “Adjustment” Fraud will be Exposed as Trump Takes Office

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Days ago the Washington Post falsely reported that government climate-change hoaxsters (what the Post called “scientists”) were panicking about the incoming Trump Administration.

The Post reported that the “scientists” fear that Trump’s team will erase or delete temperature datasets.

The reality is almost exactly the opposite. The government’s “scientists” fear that Trump’s investigators may analyze the way that government agencies have altered, “adjusted” and manipulated the official temperature records to make the past seem colder than it was measured (and thereby to promote the government’s manmade-global-warming theory).

Government “scientists” at NOAA, NASA, Penn State, East Anglia, etc. have deliberately hidden their ORIGINAL data from inquiry and Freedom-Of-Information-Act requests, and have occasionally even destroyed their own original data to prevent skeptics from looking at it. (Such data should be instantly available with a click on the internet, but government agencies keep it hidden.) See here.

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