“News” establishment begs critics to stop criticizing

The safest profession in the world is probably journalism in support of the state. Undoubtedly, the most dangerous profession in the world is journalism in opposition to the state. For years, America’s pro-government (“mainstream”) press has promoted an agenda of increasing government power and control. Political movements which threaten the dominance of established government have […]

Growing numbers of poor Americans find retirement elusive; they must work till they die

Sad story from the Associated Press. America has become a two-tiered society, with those in power pampered in luxury while those without government positions live lives of poverty. For years, the U.S. government has punished savers, entrepreneurs and investors. Social Security, for example, takes money from people’s paychecks during periods when they most need money […]

Overregulation will soon push thousands of doctors to abandon Medicare patients

If America’s health care industry were free, it would provide ever-higher quality medicine at steadily-decreasing cost. This is the pattern in most high tech industries where government control is limited. But since 1965, the U.S. government has been overregulating health care–driving costs higher and higher. Now, unless Congress approves some type of massive bailout, doctors […]

UN bans skeptical media from upcoming climate conference

The United Nations has refused to accredit three journalists associated with Canadian climate skeptic Ezra Lavant. The UN appears to be blacklisting skeptics from covering the upcoming global warming conference in Marrakech, Morocco. See here. The UN accuses Lavant’s “Rebel” journalists of being “advocacy journalists.” Yet opinion journalists comprise a large proportion of the thousands […]

Another U.S. Postal worker caught disposing of mail rather than delivering it

Many people believe the U.S. Postal Service monopoly is found in the Constitution. In fact, the Constitution merely says Congress has the power to establish a postal service. Not only is there no power to grant a postal monopoly in the Constitution, the OTHER provisions of the Constitution make it clear that Congress MAY NOT […]

More Americans are fleeing America’s overregulation to purchase health care in Mexico

Astounding developments from America’s experiment with overregulating health care. Not long ago, Americans had access to the finest health care on earth. But prices have been increasing faster than inflation for years, as government regulation has increased demand artificially. Now a headline in the USA Today reads: “For Californians living near the border, Mexico offers […]